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Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume: Scary or Not?

She’s been Cleopatra, an alien robot and a Hindu goddess. She’s also been an ape and a dead body. And for Halloween this year, 40-year-old supermodel Heidi Klum hosted her annual October 31 bash dressed as “little old me.”

The star is famous for her elaborate Halloween getups, and this year, a team of Oscar-winning makeup artists and a prosthetics specialist managed her amazingly detailed  transformation, which she shared via her Instagram.

In an early afternoon tweet on Halloween, Klum said: “Ok guys ….. here I go into the future.”













9:22pm: 40 years of aging in 6 hours…



Back to the present



Heidi Klum as senior in training?

Or old age as uniquely scary costume idea?


What do you think? Have your say in the comments box below.


14 responses to “Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume: Scary or Not?

  1. If Heidi ever read my letter I would say you are wonderful , you look like you can have fun with being who ever you want to be and anyone who is with you must feel very happy and wondering what you will come up with next . Good Luck you Sexy Old Lady in training. I am 61 and have seen many attractive elderly people . Once we were Young and Beautiful now we are just Beautiful

    Thank you <3 ;-)

  2. Heidi will find out soon enough what it will be like to be old, and she won’t be able to reverse the aging process at some point..don’t know what her goal or motive was for doing this, but as she ages, she will look back and think perhaps this was not a funny costume…

    1. I read what you said and you do have a right for your own opinion , I watched Cher in a movie lately where she sang and danced . She must be in her 70’s . These people can aford to keep their looks where we cannot. We must rely on being happy and smiling and eating proper and not smoking or being in the sun. Happy New Year . All the best.

  3. I’m also a bit confused about the idea to use old age make-up as Halloween costume. At Halloween you show yourself in creepy, scary characters. To use old people in this meaning is disrespectful.
    The makeup itself is great but old people should not be misused as shock effect for Halloween.

    1. Whoopee!!! It reminds me of a Halloween custume I wore about 33 years ago: an “old witch” but the kind of witch that Barbara Erenrich wrote about in “Witches, Midwives, and Nurses” a healer. I made my hair gray w/white powder, drew age lines on my face, put a pillow around my waist, wore a long ugly black skirt and long sleeved white blouse. Around my waist were “bags” of digitalis and belladonna. Most of the men at the party hardly spoke to me but flirted w/ the Wizard of Oz’s Good Witch and the Madame of a Brothel (sexy costume!).
      Good work, Heidi Klum! And you were Beautiful!!!!

      1. After a Wizard of Oz theater I wanted to get a good costume .and I found the Lions suit ,put it on and was transformed into character just like , but as you know “If I only had the Nerve ” didn’t do it.

  4. I am a 36 year old woman and I just feel like this “costume” was so idiotic. Pretending to be a senior citizen is not a fun costume or performance art. All of us are actually going to get old, at some point in our lives. Being a senior is a real stage of our lives. It’s not funny. It’s not a joke. It’s not pretend time. And, it’s definitely not funny to make fun of the elderly (even though, I do not think that was her intention). Ms. Klum should have rethought this costume.

    1. I think you need to give it a rest. I think Ms. Klum did a courageous thing really, spent a day experiencing what it would be like to be a old woman while she is still young and beautiful. A lot of younger women would be too vain to do it. I’m in my fifties and changes in health and looks are becoming a reality for me. Our society caters to the young and beautiful and older people tend to become invisible. Her costume was a reminder that just because the outside doesn’t look like what it once did, there’s still something young and vital inside. And what’s so wrong with having a sense of humor about it, anyway?

      1. I agree…looks like fun to me. I’m nearing 60 and it’s interesting to see the changes my body goes through as I age. Whether it was for Hallowe’en or some other time, Heidi was exploring her future. She’s a class act.

    1. I think the fact she did this for Halloween was disrespectful. If she had done this at any other time of the year and perhaps talked about how she felt, it would have been easier to take and more interesting. But the fact that looking older is her Halloween costume (as it is for many kids, I took a closer look this year and there were many girls sporting white wigs, not to mention the whole witch-y thing), and equating getting old with ghouls, zombies and vampies is certainly disrespectful to us seniors. True, some kids dress up in pretty costumes, but I don’t think that was what Heidi was going for here.

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