A year of “Aging with Attitude”

Learning the different ways, approaches and thoughts about “aging with attitude” from our interviewees is a gift that keeps on giving with each new profile. Here’s a quick summary of the gifts of wise words and advice about ‘Aging with Attitude” from our featured profile subjects over the past year.



Joan Ditzion:   Aging with attitude means aging proudly and powerfully and feeling a sense of pride as we age. I think we’re learning that the most important thing about aging is feeling a sense of meaning and purpose and engagement with life in the world. So for me, it’s hopefully aging with meaning and purpose and engagement until, hopefully, our — my — last breath. Always adapting to life, but just having a sense of that.

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Fran Drecher: I just turned 60, that was a little bit chilling. You can’t deny it, you can feel it. I’m not afraid to say I went out last night and I am going out tomorrow night, so I am staying in tonight. I used to eat out all the time, now I would rather have people come over and I will cook. I went to Italy for Thanksgiving because on my bucket list I want to live in a foreign country. It was only for one week, just me and my dog in a walk-up apartment.

It’s a license to do what you want to do. I saw an interview with Paul Newman’s wife Joanne Woodward where she said she realized she was never going to learn French. It struck me, was I ever going to raise a baby elephant or live in Italy?

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Sonia Warshawski: Your body tells you you’re aging, of course. But in my mind I am still young. I don’t believe in retiring, we should keep going as long as we can. In our society now there are so many black spots and we can do so much to change that. There is not a day that I don’t think of something we can do to improve our beautiful world.

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Dr. Brandt: It means aging with purpose and empowerment!

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Bobbie Rose portrait

Bobbie Rose: People are always asking me how did I get this far. How do I know how I got this far! I just live my life.

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Sue Krietzman: Don’t be afraid. Just be happy to be your own person. And those people who think you’re crazy—don’t pay attention to them. It’s their loss.

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