Have a Tech Question? Give us a Call!

We’ve been thrilled to be able to offer one-of-a-kind online programming for our members and participants over the last 4 weeks! We’re even more pleased to hear all of your positive feedback:

“I’m writing regarding the Senior Planet session I took on Learning How to Shop Online. The instructor was excellent. Very clear, very patient with questions. Very upbeat and encouraging to participants. I loved that he was very hands on.”

“The best part was the combination of feeling less isolated as we shelter in place, and feeling that I am doing my body good.”

“This was my first online exercise class and [it] was simply wonderful. So friendly. Been now over 10 days in my apartment alone while working remotely. Can’t thank you enough for this class and I’ll definitely participate in more.”


Now, in addition to our online programming, we’re offering a new service…

Senior Planet is excited to announce the launch of our National Tech Hotline and our Local Help Hotlines


Not sure which number to call to get help? Here’s the run-down:

Have a tech question? Call the Senior Planet Tech Hotline: 888-713-3495

The National Tech Hotline is monitored by Senior Planet Trainers from 9:00am – 8:00pm EDT, Monday through Friday. We’re here to help you with whatever technological issues you’re experiencing. If we can’t assist you, we’ll help you find someone who can!

Have a regional-specific question? Call one of our local hotlines! 

This could be a question about a specific event we’re offering at Senior Planet in San Antonio, or an inquiry about the best food delivery apps for people who live in NYC. Leave a message telling us your name, phone number, and question, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours (excluding the weekend).

Montgomery County, MD: 240-753-0676

San Antonio, TX: 210-504-4862

Colorado, New York City, NY, North Country, NY, Palo Alto, CA: Call the national hotline at 888-713-3495

Not able to make a call? Email your question to and we’ll connect you with a trainer via email.

We look forward to serving you during these unprecedented times. We’re in this together!


20 responses to “Have a Tech Question? Give us a Call!

  1. I am a 78 year old piano teacher who still needs to work for income. When covid first started, I lost my position teaching at a school. I tried to teach online, but needed training on how to do this. I know how to get on zoom, but could use more training to do this with confidence. Places like Thumbtack can get me students, but this involves things like posting pictures which I’m having trouble with. Do you have a program that would help me develop confidence with my online teaching? I would hate to start a new student and run into trouble in the middle of a lesson.

  2. I am interested in taking classes using the Goggle
    Drive ( especially the PowerPoint). I had a chance to help someone and possibly make an extra buck, but couldn’t. I have not used the PowerPoint for more than 7 years.
    Will you have a class anywhere for me to learn how to use this software?

    1. Hi Sandra – We do from time to time offer workshops related to Google Drive, but nothing specifically about Power Point – keep an eye out in our newsletters for these offerings. We will pass on the suggestions to our curriculum team about PowerPoint. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about Powerpoint or Google Drive you can call our tech help hotline for free and one of our trainers should be able to troubleshoot with you: 888-713-3495

  3. Hello everyone at Senior Planet!! I’m Martie B. This is absolutely what I needed! Thank you Jesus! I would join tonight if I was 60 yrs old. Unfortunately I am not, 58 is my number! 58 and a half. Who would be the one I need to speak with about joining?
    San Antonio Housing Authority gave me a heads up about your organization. When Covid shut the city down my computer classes were cancelled and the opportunity for a free lap top, the classes to learn how to use the computer vanished along with every job opportunity. I desire to work, I am disabled so I really needed this type of help. Now what?? I hope to join Senior Planet asa I’m 60!! But can anyone help me learn the computer so I can work from home and be the most awesome customer service rep. TY

  4. The presentation on social media was excellent. I really enjoyed it. On the minus side, we were given the opportunity to ask questions and when I did, I said I had several questions and would it be okay to ask them and was given that opportunity, I believe either the tech moderator or one of the attendees interrupted, saying: “Can we move on please.” Fortunately, the host said that the forum welcomes all questions and addressed mine, however, I do bring this to your attention because I believe the comment may have been made to keep on schedule, came after I was given permission to present them and was relevant to the topic and yet, at the end of the zoom call, there was a still time to get chummy.

  5. Lately I attend few Zoom meetings. We sing one by one. When other sing I can see them in the middle of the screen, but when I sing my face is up in the other photos not in the middle of screen why? I know mute/unmute, video/no video, join/leave meeting etc. Is main host in charge of showing someone in the middle of the screen ? Do I touch Invite ?

  6. Wondering if you could advise me on getting a new cell phone. Mine died I had a Samsung Galaxy 3. What is important is texting. email. photos.Google news. apps. It was not a senior phone by description. It can be in the low range of cost. I don’t want an expensive one. Is an apple better than a samsung or other?

  7. *Thank you* for the tech hotline, can’t wait to try it!
    On the minus side, fine to teach online shopping in general, but personally I’m inclined to abandon Amazon. I heard a piece on NPR investigative program Reveal that was really damning re treatment of employees and related abuses. I must be able to shop somewhere more socially responsible!

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