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Happy in the Seniorhood

It all started with a 4-minute song that rapper-producer Pharrell Williams wrote called “Happy.” Then Williams had the groundbreaking idea of making a 24-hour video around the song. Shot in four-minute increments with regular people dancing in the streets of Los Angeles, “24 Hours of Happy” is an infectious wake-up call to get moving, get smiling, get with the beat and get happy.

The song – and the video – are so infectious that people all over the world have created their own versions.

“24 Hours of Happy” isn’t just a showcase for groovy young Angelenos; Williams features young kids and a few seniors, too. Take a look at this trio – 11 hours and 36 minutes into “24 Hours.”

Then come back and view our video gallery of older folk who’ve caught the bug.

(Click on the large arrow for a continuous video or stream, or click through individual videos.)



You don’t have to be a great dancer. You don’t even have to be on your feet. Just get happy.

Send us your video!

See the official “Happy” music video on YouTube.


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