Happy Birthday to the Bard

Happy birthday to the Bard, who would have turned 451 years old today (well, give or take a few years, since there is still some debate about the actual year he was born.)

You could celebrate by re-reading your favorite play — or you could be more of a Shakespearean techie and celebrate with an internet experiences that would have appealed to Shakespeare — humorist and populist that he was.

1. How Did They Die?

Everyone knows that if it’s a Shakespeare tragedy, there will be deaths. Lots of them. This pie chart classifies all of the deaths in the Bard’s work. Stabbing takes the cake as the most common way to go, with poisoning a close second. Most colorful? We think it’s a close call between “Baked into pie” and “Buried to neck starvation.”



2. Instant Shakespearean Insults

Someone getting on your nerves? Or maybe you just need a good laugh. Just visit the Shakespearean Insult Generator and keep  clicking on the button under the insult to get a stream of taunts. This is not for the easily offended — but it’s one way to learn your Shakespeare!


If you want a Shakespearean insult generating website that makes it easier to insult a friend by sharing, try this one — it’s more elegant, but the insults pale in comparison.

Try the Shakespearean Insult Generator

3. Speak Like Shakespeare

Lingojam’s translator lets you do just that. Simply type in any sentence and get the Shakespeake version of it. Here’s to Shakespearean Facebook updates…


Try Lingojam

4. Look Like Shakespeare

Printer, paper, scissors— that’s all you need to become the Bard, using the downloadable cut-out mask on this website.



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