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Happy Birthday Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou, born April 4, 1928, remains an iconic figure in our history and culture, even after her death May 28 in 2014. Her life’s work –  poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, civil-rights activist, producer and director – still resonates today.  In fact, her Twitter account is still on line; you can read her thoughts here.

There is no better way to celebrate her birth than with this simple story about love that sets you free.

Watch Maya Angelou reading some of her work in these videos:


One response to “Happy Birthday Maya Angelou

  1. Maya Angelou has been an idol of mine for decades. She was such a role model for telling truths, showing compassion, and living fully. What a beautiful woman.

    I had the pleasure of seeing her in person a few times decades ago, hearing her recite her poetry and sing and move people by her very presence. As great as her challenges were — raped at age 8, told her family, and someone involved killed the rapist. She thought her words had gotten the man killed, so she stopped talking for 5 years until a special teacher intervened.

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