• Mary Blue

      I lost my hearing early in life. Learned to adopt by reading lips. I didnt realize i was suppose to be able to hear ppl right next to me. I went without most of my life without hearing aids till i got 49. Wished i would have known a lot earlier.

    • Mrs. Sewell

      I am away Nov-March……you have very good programs in the winter……can you repeat them during the sunmmer months? Thank you……Ann Sewell, member

  • Rosalyn Malin

    I purchase a pair of hearing aids. They were about $5000.00. They definitely make things louder but speech is not much clearer. I am missing a lot in conversations. And when there is background noise, it is extremely hard to hear.
    Originally, I got one hearing aid and when that did not help as much as I wanted it to, I was convinced to get the second one and was told it would make a big difference. I did not notice the difference. I’ve gone back to the audiologist quite a number of times and they make adjustments that don’t seem to make much difference. Any suggestions?

  • Sheila M

    I’ve been through the hearing loss journey since age 12 when it was discovered. After wearing hearing aids for 30 years, my hearing was finally gone. Profound deafness made daily communication a strenuous chore. I had one cochlear implant at age 47 and the second one at age 60. I’m very thankful for the technology that allows me to hear my family’s voices again, my son’s music, and sounds of nature. For 25 of the 30 years wearing hearing aids, I only heard garbled speech. Reading lips helped a little.

    Thank you for sharing the information. I encourage every senior to take advantage of technology to help them hear better. Hearing aids and cochlear implants are improving every day.

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