Got Snow? Marvel at These Gemlike iPhone Photos of Snowflakes.

Like many people in the Northeast, photographer Greg Miller was gazing through his window, watching the snow fall last weekend. It was nighttime, and a light outside illuminated the flakes that landed on his window ledge. He grabbed a magnifying jeweler’s loupe of his daughter’s to look more closely, then put the loupe between the window and his iPhone’s tiny lens, and presto, a new word was born.

iPhoneloupagraphy: iPhoneography (yes – that’s photography using an iPhone or if you prefer, an iPad) with a loupe.

The gemlike snowflake images that Miller shot – remarkable for their delicate detail and 3D effect – have been shared widely on the Internet over the past week, especially after spotted and featured them.

greg-miller-snowflake5 greg-miller-snowflake3 greg-miller-snowflake1

Now, on his Facebook page, Miller is inviting you to try it too; then send your images to him, and he’ll post them.

Got snow?


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