Membership: The Details

This Membership Model Is Different, We Know. But So Are We.

Considering membership? Hear why other members across the nation support Senior Planet:

“I get asked by a lot of organizations to give, but Senior Planet is always the first group I give to because it’s a community that gives people practical solutions to fix big problems. I always feel welcome there and I never hesitate to ask a ‘dumb question’!” — Nobu, Senior Planet Member

“I love the feeling of inclusion, it just makes me happy! Everyone at Senior Planet is always upbeat while also setting high standards for themselves and for us. I also volunteer with Senior Planet because I want to help people.” — Barbara, Senior Planet Volunteer and Member

“All of the articles and livestream events means that I can learn from and engage with Senior Planet fully, even though I don’t live close to a physical location where I can take a class. I love that and I want to support the program so other older adults can also connect online!” — Robert, Senior Planet Member 


Aged 60 or older


  • Embrace Senior Planet’s shared values of striving to be optimistic, curious, aware, motivated, visible, confident, focused, future-oriented, expressive, present, engaged, resilient … and imperfect.
  • Provide basic information about yourself, which we will not share with any outside entities: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Birthdate.
  • Make an annual contribution to OATS.  There is no minimum donation. Really! Any amount works.
  • Participate in at least one volunteer activity per year (event staffing, phone companionship, writing a representative, phone banking, outreach). Any way you want to contribute works!
  • Observe community norms of respect.
  • Give feedback on your Senior Planet experience.


  • Members receive enrollment packets and welcome letters.
  • Free quarterly “Impact Reports” on how Senior Planet is changing the way we age.
  • Free annual “Technology Review” on the state of technology and aging.
  • Invitations to special events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in Senior Planet programming without becoming a member?
Yes! While we encourage everyone to become a Senior Planet member, people who are not yet members are welcome to participate in Senior Planet classes and lectures or to use our Senior Planet spaces. Other special benefits are reserved for members, however.

If I’m already a member do I need to sign up again? What if I’m not sure if I’m a member?
If you are already a member you do not need to sign up again. Not sure if you’re a member or not? Contact or call 917-863-4658 to confirm your membership status.

If I’m already a member do I need to make a donation to receive the additional benefits like the Annual Tech Review?
Yes! Please make your annual donation here. Donations of any size are welcome. If you have already made ANY donation to Senior Planet in the past year, that will automatically count as your annual membership donation. To confirm receipt of your donation email

When should I make my annual donation?
While we are happy to accept donations year round, we will reach out to members on the anniversary of becoming a Senior Planet member to request your annual donation.

Do I have to donate online?
If you want to donate online, go ahead! You can donate online by clicking here. Or you can make your contribution by sending in cash or a check to this location:

Older Adults Technology Services
Membership Team
168 7th St. Suite 3A
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Can I sign up to be a member in person?
Yes! You can sign up to be a member at any of our Senior Planet Centers. To find the location nearest to you, visit the Our Locations page.

What do we mean by “norms of respect”?
At Senior Planet we encourage candid and thought-provoking dialogue, however, as members we do not permit hate speech or intolerance. Being rude is never cool.  We reserve the right to revoke membership status and privileges of anyone who does not meet our norms of respect.

What qualifies as a volunteer activity?
Members give back to Senior Planet in all sorts of ways: staffing an event, calling your elected representatives encouraging them to fund Senior Planet, handing out Senior Planet fliers or calling a fellow member dealing with isolation or loneliness. There are unlimited ways to give back to the Senior Planet community!

How much should I give?
Active members report that Senior Planet has changed their lives, and give as much as they are willing and able to.  There is no minimum amount for annual or recurring donations- you can give us a dollar or you can give us $1,000! Click here to see other ways to give to Senior Planet.

I have more questions! Whom do I contact?
For any other questions, please reach out to our Membership & Advocacy Manager at or call 917-863-4658.

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