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Follow Up Open Thread: Movies!

We put out the call to our readers last Sunday asking them for their top three movies and favorite movie quotes. (The story is here, along with the comments. It’s interesting to see everyone’s “comfort’ movies: the ones you’ll see over and over, and your favorite quotes.

Among the many reponses we got, we saw a surprising array of preferences, with an interesting mix of comedy, drama, and romcoms.  Some were so-called ‘cult movies” (but am I the only one that loves “the Big Lebowski?”

The comments section was alive with…

Jen loved it. So did Rich, who said it was the very first movie he ever saw, Judy R, La’Verne and others.

A close second was Breakfast at Tiffany’s, getting the nod from Mary, Sheri, La’Verne, Mauri and many others. The trailer is so poignant now, celebrating a New York City that seems like a dream now.  But oh, that soundtrack.

Speaking of awesome soundtracks, The Big Chill was also really popular with Beatrice, Vicky, and Diane (I’m a fan, as well).

A lot of readers preferred the classics…Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, It’s a Wonderful Life among others. (A lot of love for The Princess Bride, too.)

Two of Kathy’s top three picks were CNN. “I need help,” she confessed.  (You sure do, girl. Step away from the screen, drop the remote and get yourself a cool beverage.)  Or maybe she could join Silvana, who put Contagion in her top three (along with Saturday Night Fever and Scarface). Few of us have the steady nerves of Janice, who picked the intense and spooky thriller Get Out.   She warned us: “My picks are not necessarily comfortable to watch, but you will be engaged.”  She also picks a documentary about Toni Morrison – learn more here.

…but the winner for most intriguing selection was submitted by Annie, who picked French Kiss, with the comment “Love and lactose intolerance.”

Stay tuned for the next Open Thread this Sunday!



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