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Follow Up Open Thread: Happy Songs

The results are in; we’re a pretty happy bunch when we listen to music and it’s a pretty wide variety that does it for us. Take a look through the comments from last Sunday and you’ll see there’s a mix of all types of genres, although you’ll see Eric Clapton gets a lot of love from Francesca, Judy and Khristine.  Disco gets a nod from Jen, and Motown classics have a lot of fans, too.

What about you? We’re keeping the thread open so you can add other favorites: maybe we can come up with a Quarantine Playlist!

Check out the original story and add your songs there or below.


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One response to “Follow Up Open Thread: Happy Songs

  1. In 1987, I was in the hospital once for a long stay–nothing serious and pre-managed care. I like blues and Afropop probably best, but for some reason, I turned on BGO, Les McCann’s “Compared to What” started playing and I don’t think any song has filled me with joy that I remember to this day. I know there’s a bit of a mis-connect because it’s a protest song. Was it the music? The hope (of a better time? because it’s a good thing, as long as people could and did strive for better?). A memory of an earlier hearing? I don’t know. But it must have been powerful. It stuck with me for almost 33 years; I can turn it on and feel great to this day.

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