Facebook Is Getting Emotional



Have you ever wished there was a “dislike” button you could use on Facebook when someone posts something not specially likeable? Facebook has heard you — kind of.

Up until now, the only option you had on Facebook was to “like” something with a thumbs-up, which led to countless digital conundrums — for example, what are you supposed to do if someone shares sad news and you want to show support? “Like” it? See this fascinating article on the subject from the New York Times.

While there’s still no option to “dislike” someone’s status update, you now have more power when it comes to expressing your feelings about your friends’ posts thanks to Facebook’s new lineup of emojis, which made their debut this week.

The emoticons are rolling out over the next few days, so if you don’t see them in your Newsfeed yet, you will very soon. But you’ll have to go looking for them, since they’re not immediately visible. The emoticons appear when you roll over the “Like” button.”

Here’s how: Hold your cursor (on a computer) or finger (on a mobile device) over the “like” button, and six “reactions” will pop up. Select whichever most closely reflects how you feel.

The reactions include the old-school like, a heart for love, and animated smileys for reactions ranging from HaHa to Wow, Sad and Angry. We’re hoping you’ll practice by “loving” a Senior Planet post on Facebook.

Which other reactions would want to see? “Meh”? “Ouch”? “Puhleeze”? Tell us in the comments section below — then take our poll!


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