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Silicon Valley Speakers Series: Demystifying Information Technology – Design Thinking

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Friday April 15, 2022
12:00PM ET / 11:00AM CT / 10:00AM MT / 9:00AM PT




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Steve Jobs is considered the father of design thinking.  He stated, “Design isn’t just what it looks like and feels like — design is how it works.” Design thinking is a mindset, an approach, a thought process as well as a methodology for solving problems by prioritizing the consumer’s needs above all else. It relies on observing, with empathy, how people interact with their environments, and employs an iterative, hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions.  In this session, Brian St. John will walk us through how IT professionals apply design thinking in developing solutions. 

Brian is a design leader and user experience manager who believes that creative confidence and relentless curiosity are core mindsets that unlock new possibilities and ways to connect with people. In his role at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Brian has demonstrated a tireless drive to make things better for business partners and cross-functional teams. As an expert design leader, Brian has managed enterprise scale design strategies, facilitated executive leadership design thinking sessions, and coached professionals how to deliver value and sustain a culture of innovation. Having been with the Federal Reserve System for 24 years, Brian credits strong mentors, LUMA, IDEOU, HFI CUA, computer science, and fine arts certifications/degrees for his business acumen and success. 

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About the Silicon Valley Speaker Series: Demystifying Information Technology

Many of us have relatives or friends who work in the Information Technology (IT) industry.  The term IT has evolved over the years – from programming, data processing, automation to today’s IT.  IT is massive, and IT activities may appear mysterious to many of us. According to Gartner, a global leading research and advisory company, IT is the common term for the entire spectrum of technologies for information processing, including software, hardware, communications technologies and related services.   

Today, we live in a world that is increasingly connected.  Technology is intertwined with our daily lives. Technology makes it easier for us to stay in touch, despite the pandemic. Likewise, our personal finance and banking activities rely on technology – everything from how we bank to how we shop.  The use of technology will persist beyond the pandemic. 

Please join this Silicon Valley Speaker Series to hear the basics of IT and learn what an IT professional does on a day-to-day basis. In this speaker series, we are inviting guest speakers from the banking and/or technology industry to demystify IT – people, process and technology. This series intends to open the eyes of the curious minds and connect common technology terms to our day-to-day activities. 

Please note the speakers’ perspectives are their own and do not represent the organization they work for. 

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