Shadow of Heroes

12/08/2018 @ 7:30pm$25+
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(Also December 9) This is your last chance to see a rarely-performed work by Robert Ashley, an early social justice playwright who also wrote screenplays for commercial successes like The Three Musketeers and Madame Bovary.  Shadow of Heroes, about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, was written while he was a mere few hours away in Vienna.

Three friends and lovers in Budapest struggle to find freedom from the Nazis in 1945 and through to the Soviet invasion in 1956.  Love, betrayal, idealism, cynicism, political opportunism, temptation, and power – a chilling insight into the fragility of decency and conviction in the face of authoritarian power.

The Metropolitan Playhouse offers an inventive and engrossing staging of this compelling, immersive drama. Senior Planet subscribers are welcome to a discount: $20 for any performance through December 9.  Use code GLI

Metropolitan Playhouse
  • 220 East Fourth Street Manhattan