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Mandarin Multilingual Technology Program: iPhone (Apple 智慧手機)

Date & Time

Thursday July 27, 2023
12:00PM EDT / 11:00AM CDT / 10:00AM MDT / 9:00AM PDT


Online / By Phone


課程必須預先註冊,請致電(650)289-5400或發送電子郵件至ACCC@avenidas.org或senior.wellness@aaci.org,並提供您的姓名,電子郵件地址和電話號碼。請在主題欄中輸入“Mandarin Multilingual Technology Program”。完成課程註冊後,您會收到一封電子郵件確認,其中包含 Zoom鏈接和加入課程的說明。

如果您好奇 iPhone 能做些什麼和為什麼它那麼的普遍,歡迎來看聆聽這堂講座。您會學到最新款項的 iPhone 與它的特徵以及您想買一台 iPhone 的話,該考慮些什麼項目。請注意,這堂講座的目的不是要教您如何使用 iPhone–如果您有那一方面的疑惑,您可以請教我們的一對一的電腦科技的協助團隊。

請點擊這裏查看英文講義。(For the English handout, please click here.)

Pre-registration is required, and to enroll into the series, please email ACCC@avenidas.org with “Mandarin Multilingual Technology Program” in the subject line, and your name, email address, and telephone number in the email. Once you have been registered, you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom link and instructions to join the session.

If you’re curious about what an iPhone can do and why it’s so popular, come to this lecture. You’ll learn about the latest iPhone, its features and what to consider if you’re thinking of buying one. Please note this lecture will not teach you how to use your iPhone–ask about our Tech Talks if you need assistance with your iPhone.

For the handout in Mandarin, please click here.

For the handout in English, please click here.

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