• Andrea Harris

    It has been scientifically proven that the companionship which a pet offers is an incredible way to reduce many forms of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD, and many more. Therefore, if you are going through any such state, having an ESA can be beneficial. To be able to be with your pet, you can apply for an ESA letter from authentic sites. My ESA Doctor is one such portal which is providing valid ESA recommendations.

  • Andrea Harris

    ESAs are not simple pets or animals but much more than that. They have a complicated task to perform. They are required to do what medicines fail to do. A patient who is under continuous stress or a prolonged depression avoids the company of friends and prefers loneliness. An ESA, in its own way, enables the patient to learn why its company is important. Under such difficult situations, ESAs provide solace and help patients to recover. Their role is considered medically beneficial and prominent mental health specialists like My ESA Doctor, recommend ESAs. They also provide an ESA letter which is useful while renting an accommodation or boarding a plane.

  • Adela

    THANK YOU for bringing up a very sensitive issue which I hope will be resolved in favor of our nonhuman animals!

    I feel this is yet ANOTHER animal abuse for many reasons. Unless someone is incapacitated to do their own social and other activities, those people who want an animal to take care of their personal problems are just lazy things who have no compassion for animals. Most of them consider so called Emotional Support Animals a commodity to give them whatever they expect from the poor soul. But if they adopted some animals to give them a forever home, it would be indeed a noble act!

    I used to have a neighbor with a cat and when I saw what she did I was petrified!!! When the poor little thing put his little precious head rubbing against her feet (so much in need of love was this cat), she kicked him away from her. I felt the kick in my heart and told her “please be kind, he’s so loving, anyone would give anything to have a loving animal show it so warmly!” and she said with annoyed voice “Let him find his own love!” I broke up with this person! :-(

    Those people should take up a course, play or learn the piano or guitar, go to a gym for aerobics and swimming, sing at Karaokes, invite someone for lunch at her/his home or a thousand other things! In other words, act as a mature, intelligent individual without tormenting nonhuman animals to fill their own selfish needs!

    I rest my case . . . .

    • Barbara Sweet

      A person like your former friend should never have gotten an animal! Why the hell did she? Did you ever ask her? I’ve never known or heard of a person, but I know there are many, many people who abuse their animals, horribly and it not only enrages me, but it breaks my heart! If it were me and I had a friend that did that to this precious animal, I would have reported her to PETA. I would have made an attempt to have her cat taken away from her and given to a loving home. A home with people that not only respect their animals, but who love them dearly and treat them with kindness and love. But then some people are cruel and extremely abusive to their children. This is just terrible and upsets me so!!!

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean when you say that people who feel they need or have or want an ESA expect these innocent, beautiful souls, (I’m talking about the animal) “to take care of their emotional problems,” I think that people should be tested psychologically, as they should be before bringing children into the world) to make sure that they are emotionally stable, loving and compassionate being who will not beat their children, abuse them verbally and totally neglect them. The same think for a person getting an ESA. They should be tested psychologically, for the same reasons. I have read about people who have horses, who beat them mercilessly to get them to do what THEY WANT them to do! Their is no love there, A person like that should be beaten and abused the same way (Now my own rage at these people is irrationally expressing itself).

      I agree with you that people should take care of themselves and their own problems and not expect an animal to take care of them. So, yes, take up a hobby; find a good, kind and compassionate therapist to work with, meditate to bring peace into your own life, make friends and enjoy music, dancing, concerts, whatever, the movies, you name it there are dozens of things that one can do for themselves, but the thought, the idea of your friend abusing such a loving, innocent, soul makes me both feel rage and great pain and sadness for the animal.

      But you can’t generalize, i.e., this doesn’t mean that every person is the same, that most people who need an ESA will abuse them or expect them to take care of their personal problems.


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