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We’ve all known that feeling when the right word just doesn’t exist—but have you ever been at a loss for the right emoji? That may not seem like a great loss, but think again: “Emoji” was named Word of the Year for a reason. Those little pictographs are so useful for quickly communicating a specific attitude or tone of voice in a text message, and the right emoji is worth a thousand characters.

But are the right emoji available to convey our true experiences and attitudes as older people? Here’s what the iPhone offers us:






Our cellphones language hasn’t caught up with who we are, so Senior Planet came up with a starter set of emoji for elders. How many of these resonate?

Skeptical Face

Use this for, “We’re not naïve—we know enough not to automatically buy what you’re trying to sell us!”

Here We Go Again Face

Use this emoji when you can see it coming a mile off, whether “it” is a friend’s least endearing response or the next political quagmire.

Happy Mind Blown Face

Use this one to share your joy at having just done something you didn’t think you were capable of (but of course you are!)

Can’t Stop Me Face

You may have a physical challenge, but you’re doing just fine.

Get Off My Lawn Face

Use this classic “codger” retort with a healthy dose of irony.

I May Be Old But at Least I Saw All the Good Bands Face

‘Nuff said.


What are we missing? Let us know which other emoji you’d like to see (and maybe we’ll draw it).



13 responses to “Emoji for Elders

  1. I love to be called a senior. It wasn’t easy getting to this age. I would like to see and emoji that represents “been there, done that, now see if you can do better”.
    I especially like yours, ‘aging with attitude’.

  2. I’d like to see Jerry Garcia, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, Janice Joplin, Carl Sagan, Cher, George Carlin, …all of these were from the laid-back but highly involved 60’s and 70’s and all were representative of Boomers whom you are now attempting to address as OLDERS. None of these people would like to feel as if they are being retired to the lowest strata on your timeline. Alive or dead, it is who we once were and who we still carry within ourselves.

  3. Why categorize the emojis? Just make emojis that are totally neutral.
    As far as what to call “people of advanced age”, maybe we should ask them how they would like to be addressed. I too am not a fan of “elder” and certainly not “olders”, (bad choice Ashton).
    I don’t mind Boomer. It delineates an era of time one grew up in vs pointing at their age.
    Be that as it may, there should be no shame in stating how old we are. But I don’t want to labeled because of my age.

    1. Hi Cynthia, we intended our starter set of Emoji for Elders to be a little tongue in cheek, but since you brought this up, we’d love to know: which word would you prefer? Some people hate “senior” and like “elder.” Others hate both “senior” and “elder” and prefer “older adults.” Some people would like to keep being called “Boomers” instead of any term denoting age. Ashton Applewhite is campaigning for “olders,” which we like too.

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