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This is an ongoing series of posts on digital life and culture from DigiDame, aka Lois Whitman-Hess. This week, DigiDame goes anaolog.

Most people think I’m on the internet all of the time. It’s true that I spend more time than some seniors on my iPhone or laptop — but for the last year or so, when no one is looking, I color.

Unlike many others who have true artistic talents, I have none. I wish I could draw a little just to express myself. That will never happen, so I decided to buy adult coloring books when I really want to go into another zone.

Coloring is a fabulous way to relax. I spend many hours coloring patterns. I really love it. I also like to knit and crochet, but those require a lot of concentration and focus. Coloring does not. I find myself totally immersed in the color schemes. I am not aware of my surroundings and normal day-to-day challenges. I’m not the only one. Adult coloring books are selling in record-breaking numbers.

I was thrilled to hear that a hot new coloring book was inspired by the world famous street artists from the Wynwood Art District in Miami. It’s a natural. Watch the video.

I ordered a copy of this coloring book about two months ago but haven’t started it yet. Right now, I’m busy coloring images made from a Spirograph. I bought 30 different colored Sharpies. I want to buy more — I can’t have too many colors.

Yes, I’m envious of those who create their own art. Trust me, this is the next best thing.



From the editor: If you want to de-stress over a coloring book, here are a couple of other greatoptions, both available on Amazon:

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2 responses to “Digidame: My Coloring Life

  1. Just the thought of having spare time is overwhelming to me. Why? because I am a TID, that’s type one diabetic. Being a TID takes a lot of extra time beyond being a human. Keeping the blood glucose balance is on my mind ALL THE TIME. I have to consider my shots, supplies, food sources, workout choice and space, time, rest before I can do all the other things of life such as, work, drive, phone calls, tv news, shopping, cooking, chores, pet care, relatives, you know. But add a blood test, a shot (judgement at the time), measurings, before every meal or snack. For me that is seven shots and seven tests a day. I have to watch the clock continuously and then also keep in touch with the times of every other activity. I don’t limit my experiences or responsibilities, but I do have to consider the details of each and put it into my already full schedule. Diabetics have climbed Mt. Everest, but the preparations were HARD. Sometimes my blood glucose is off and it is more difficult than anyone outside me can feel. I have to keep going and at the same time, adjust the shots or foods without too much delay. HARD to do. …..TIDs are constantly contemplating maintenance and survival. They look and act normal, but their minds are always calculating what next and how long and how. They can’t be sloppy about diet and timings. There is now an FDA approved artificial pancreas. It is a great thing, but may need to be tested and improved. Requires a period of getting regulated. I long for the freedom of not having to calculate amt. of insulin and taking glucose for mind-blowing lows. Almost like being non-diabetic I guess. If you have a healthy pancreas, TAKE CARE OF IT!!

  2. It was coincidence that I also discovered colouring books helping me to de-stress .
    My grand daughter Nikita (^ years old) loves arts, crafts ,colouring . So sometimes I also picked up some of books to colour .Interestingly it does help to concentrate on beautiful colours (especially pastel colours please my eyes) any times in newspapers in Art and life section they have beautiful pictures of French or Italy villages with mountains .So even though I have no experience or basic knowledge of drawing ,I start ,to my surprise I feel have accomplished which I wouldn’t have dreamed about at this age (71 Years old) I am still involved in my health care business .So there you go I just shared my thoughts .

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