“Dating, Relationships & Sex After 60” with Hal Spielman and Marc Silbert

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Since relationships, dating and intimacy remains one of the most popular topics for our readers, we’re reposting a talk from our archives.  This enlightening Planet Talk, recorded live at the Senior Planet Exploration Center on February 12, 2014, features Hal Spielman and Marc Silbert, radio hosts and authors of “Suddenly Solo: A Lifestyle Road Map for the Mature, Widowed or Divorced Man” – a book (now available as an Ebook) based on interviews and surveys of 1,600 widowed or divorced men and women age 55 and over.

You can hear them speak about their book and engage the audience in a conversation about the realities of senior dating, relationships and sex – for women as well as for men.


7 responses to ““Dating, Relationships & Sex After 60” with Hal Spielman and Marc Silbert

  1. Why not look for something else in a relationship, besides just sex.
    If you just enjoy doing things together, what each one enjoy.
    Take the challenge and do some type sport, to be honest if all you have is sex, it soon gets boring.
    What brought you to this point in life??
    What makes you happy now as opposed to younger years?
    Life is so interesting, l refuse to be bored.
    I love life!, dont bother with dating sites.

    PS l am Afrricanamerican.

  2. Why aren’t there anymore programs for Active Seniors? I don’t look or act my age and either everyone is “too old” or they are “too young” and YES there is age discrimination which I find to be rampant for anyone over the age of 55 years old! Even doctors treat you differently…It’s pathetic!

    Why don’t we do something about it?

    And, please don’t get me started on these Senior Dating Websites!!!!…….The men are “so lazy” they do not make any effort in meeting up with you unless you live around the corner from them! PATHETIC!!!….

    I am very youthful looking and very pretty, but my age is still a factor in dating… Therefore, I don’t care what anyone says, I knock off ten years from my age or I would not get ANY responses to my profile….When the right time comes if I am dating someone, I will tell them.llll

    1. I have the problem of publishing my real age (66) and getting 36 year olds that say they like a “mature” women. I also look young for my age but I don’t understand that at all.I don’t want to feel like I am always trying to keep up with some young dude.

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