Couponing in the Digital Age

If you’re picking your Sunday paper for the coupon inserts, don’t bother. You can find all the coupons you need on the Internet. In fact, probably more than you need.

Besides grocery store couons, the web’s also a great Most let you pick coupons you want and print them all when you’re ready. You’ll need to download coupon printer software, which keeps people from printing more than two of any coupon. The site will prompt you on how to do that when you go to print.

We’ve selected some of the easiest and best coupon sites.


Newspaper Insert Companies

The three major insert companies – Smart Source, P&G and Redplum – are all online with free access to their weekly coupon offerings.

P&G – As part of the P& website where you can find recipes, household tips, and more, Proctor and Gamble lets you print all of their Sunday insert coupons at home. You will need to register with an email address and password.

Red Plum – This website is very easy to read and to use. Put in your zip code at the top as coupons tend to be regional. It offers both printing and loading coupons onto loyalty cards (you’ll have to register for it), making redeeming the coupon super easy. Just swipe your loyalty card at checkout and the coupon is ready for use.

Smart Source – Although you don’t need to register to get coupons, the site is hard to read (small photos, tiny font) and the printer software doesn’t seem to be universal. You can opt for the loyalty card loading option if you find a coupon you like.


Grocery/Drug Stores:

Any major grocery or drug store chain that offers a coupon book has it online. Some only allow you to load coupons onto your loyalty card while others offer a print option.


Coupon Sites:

Coupon sites bring all of the coupons online into one place. However, they aren’t all easy to use. Some sites are bloated with advertising. Others take you from link to link chasing your coupon. We’ve provided a few websites we think work relatively simply, but your best bet is to search around and find one that you like the most. focuses the first page on retail stores (you can use discounts codes for online purchases) but if you click over to Grocery Coupons, you’ll find what you need. Easy to navigate, easy to read. is the coupon site most of the other coupon sites draw from. You can print or use your loyalty card, and if you go to their “Local” page, you’ll find non-grocery store deals near you. pulls coupons from across the sites mentioned previously in a fairly simple format. You can look at all of them at once or choose from sources on the left side of the page.


Couponing online is so easy once you take the time to learn. So put away those scissors and start saving!


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