Coronavirus Resource Guide

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Upcoming Events

Use your computer, tablet, or even call in by phone. Click for easy Zoom instructions in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

May 29 | 1:30pm2:30pm EDT

Change & Uncertainty – That’s LIFE! – Lunch & Learn

Online / By Phone

Guest speaker Jane Barton will help us understand the process of change and help us decide to move through the process and embrace a new way of being. Hosted by Senior Planet Colorado
May 29 | 2:00pm3:00pm EDT


Online / By Phone

En esta inteligentes, aprenderá más sobre estos programas de audio disponibles en Internet: por qué la gente los escucha, dónde puedes encontrarlos y cuáles son los más populares. Hosted by Senior Planet Montgomery
May 29 | 3:00pm4:00pm EDT

Coping with COVID-19


Join us to discuss the emotional effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Hosted by Senior Planet NYC
May 29 | 3:00pm4:30pm EDT

How to Spot Fake News

Online / By Phone

This lecture will provide a helpful explanation of the term "fake news" and give you some tools to evaluate news sources. Hosted by Senior Planet San Antonio

Stuck-at-Home Guides

Stay safe, informed, and entertained as you stay inside. Click here to view all of our guides.

Connect with Friends

We’re physically distancing – but a virtual social life doesn’t have to be a scaled-back one.

Health & Wellness

Learn about the Coronavirus and how to receive virtual care. Join a fitness class to stay active and healthy!