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Coming Soon at the Senior Planet Exploration Center

There’s no time like 2013 to amp up your digital technology skills at the newest, coolest space for older New Yorkers – the Senior Planet Exploration Center.

The Exploration Center will be opening its doors January 14 for Open House Week; a range of courses, along with workshops, seminars and other events, starts January 22. Come to our open house to register!

How and When to Register

Register for any of the free courses listed below by calling our hotline 718 502-9203, or just stop in at the Senior Planet Exploration Center at 127 West 25th Street in Manhattan during Open House Week: January 14-18, 9 am-4 pm.

Call now or drop by to enroll and learn about our other free offerings: seminars, workshops, affinity groups and special events.

The Courses

More coming soon – stay tuned.

Computer Basics – PC (10 weeks)

The schedule Mon, Wed 9:30–10:45am or Tue, Thu 9:30–10:45am
Who’s it for If you’ve never used a computer or have very little experience and want a solid introduction, this course is for you.
What you’ll learn The basics of how to use digital technology to connect to resources, knowledge and fun.
The Nitty Gritty  Your instructor will teach you how to operate a computer and navigate the Internet.  You’ll learn how to:

  • use email
  • search the web for information
  • access entertainment sources
  • connect to people, organizations, and interests that matter to you.


Advanced Computing – PC (10 weeks)

The schedule  Mon, Wed 1:00 – 2:15 pm
Who’s it for This course is for anyone who has taken Computer Basics or who wants to expand their comfort and knowledge of how to use computers to enrich their daily lives.
What you’ll learn The course covers use of the Internet as an everyday resource for practical and life-enhancing activities focusing on social life, entertainment and life-management and various types of research.
The Nitty Gritty  Your instructor will teach about

  • social networking
  • online shopping
  • online banking
  • health management
  • entertainment sources
  • social networking
  • how to protect your personal information online
  • how to explore topics of interest to you.


Job Searching in the Digital Age (5 weeks)

The schedule  Tue ,Thu 1:00-2:15pm
What you’ll learn The skills and techniques necessary to seek paid or volunteer employment in the digital age.
The nitty-gritty Your instructor will guide you in mastering the basics of online job hunts as well as complicated issues unique to older adults who are looking for employment .

  • define and create goals for your job search
  • learn how to present yourself safely and appropriately online
  • navigate trusted online sources for job and opportunity listings
  • how to earn an income without losing benefits
  • how to protect yourself against ageism in the workforce


Digital Photography (5 weeks)

The schedule  9:30–11:00am, days TBD
What you’ll learn This course covers the basics of digital photography
The nitty-gritty Your instructor will teach you how to

  • use a digital camera
  • transfer pictures to a computer
  • share pictures online with friends and relatives
  • print pictures at a neighborhood photo kiosk or drugstore


11 responses to “Coming Soon at the Senior Planet Exploration Center

  1. Les dire que me da gran felicidad de tener una oraganizacion como Senior Planet que pone a nuestra disposicion conosimientos de tecnologia de gran importancia, y de poder aprender para mejorar nuestros conocimientos, les doy gracias por ayudar a las personas mayores Gracias.
    Jauro F

  2. Barbara, I think you might have made a misteak. You said Senior Planet is at “27 West 25th Street.” A few of the links online say, “127 West 25th Street.” Please let us know.


  3. hi oats
    happy new year 2013
    in 2010 your teacher bobby foster
    so great at teaching taught me to use
    the computer and to g-mail he gave
    me the 10 on end of my name. wish
    him for me a very happy new year 2013
    thank you
    claire with lovexxxooo

      1. Teriffic: See you on the 14th of January, Monday, sometime after, well, way after 9ish, at 127 West 25th St.

        And, do you give advice on what type of computers to buy. Mine is on its way out….

        Plus, while I’m here. Do you know of anyplace where I can sell books for cash?

      2. See you on the 14th! For advice on computers, you could “ask the Tekspert” (click on Tech Tips on the left side of the Senior Planet website); Senior Planet’s technology experts are always happy to get questions to answer on the site. You can ask your question in the Ask the Tekspert comments at the bottom of any Ask the Tekspert article or email it to As far as selling books goes, I believe Strand on Broadway at 12th Street still buys books, but call them first to check what types of books they buy :)

  4. Where is your Center? At one time it was in Chelsea and now it seems to have moved to Brooklyn?

    Hopefully you are still in convenient Chelsea….

    Please email me a reply as I rarely look on this site. Thanks….

    1. Hi Teri, thanks for commenting and letting us know that we left out some crucial info! The Exploration Center is in Chelsea, at 127 West 25th Street (please note that the center won’t open until January 14). We’ve added the location to the information above. Hope to see you there!

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