Live Online Classes for Seniors

If you’re a senior aged 60 and older, these live online classes are designed just for you! Learn about Finance, Wellness, Fitness, Computers and Technology, and so much more. You’ll learn so much, and also find a real community of fellow life-long learners. Need help joining a class? Call the free Senior Planet Hotline: 888-713-3495

Intro to Translation Tools


This lecture will introduce digital translation tools and apps, such as Google Translate.

Affordable Home Internet


This lecture goes over basic information you need to know when signing up for home internet service.



This lecture provides an overview of telemedicine options and focuses on exploring virtual medical appointments with your doctor in real-time.

All Things Zoom


This lecture will go over how to use Zoom to chat with friends & family, and take virtual classes with Senior Planet!

Introduction to Hosting on Zoom


In this introductory lecture, we'll go over what you need to start your first meeting, as well as some hosting tips to make it a success.