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Online Travel Sites


Learn the basics of using online travel sites to find the best fares and rates for just about any destination.

Mindfulness Apps


This lecture introduces mindfulness and its physical and mental benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving memory, and lowering blood pressure.

Creating a Collection with Enwoven


Looking for a digital platform to collect memories? Learn to use Enwoven to organize and document stories.

Affordable Home Internet


This lecture goes over basic information you need to know when signing up for home internet service.

Introduction to Learning Apps – Languages & The Arts


This presentation will introduce you to apps that help you learn different languages, explore the arts and art history, and even show you how to play instruments.

Intro to Translation Tools


This lecture will introduce digital translation tools and apps, such as Google Translate.

Introduction to Hosting on Zoom


In this introductory lecture, we'll go over what you need to start your first meeting, as well as some hosting tips to make it a success.

Digital Storytelling


This lecture covers digital tools to bring out your creativity.


Online / By Phone


Tips for Being News Savvy Online


Sharing the news? Learn to read and check sources before sharing!

Finding Community with SPC


In this demo, learn about Senior Planet's ad-free social media site.

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