Category: Open Thread

Friday, January 15

Open Thread Final Update: That Was the Year That Was….

Finally we close out the books on the dumpster fire that was 2020. Read some parting shots.

Friday, December 4

Open Thread Follow up: Guilty Pleasures

Binge watching TV while eating popcorn topped with…..whaaaaat?

Friday, November 20

Open Thread Update: Attention Product Developers!

Our readers sound off on small print, poor volume, hard-to-open packaging and other ‘age-unfriendly” products and product designs.

Friday, November 13

Open Thread Update: What Made You Happy Today?

Do your simple joys match any of the ones mentioned by our readers? If we’ve missed any of your favorites, please share!

Friday, November 6

Open Thread Update: The Best Book(s) You Ever Read?

Members share the books that they reread every year or so. Are any of them on your booklist?

Friday, October 30

Open Thread Update: Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me??!!

Readers dish about the surprising highs, lows and workarounds of getting older. One reader learned to surf!

Friday, October 23

Open Thread Update: Back to Normal Yet? Feel safe?

Are you getting whiplash keeping up with the changes?

Friday, October 16

Open Thread Update: Post-Pandemic Predictions

Here’s a look at what readers predicted for the post-pandemic world. Does it match your ideas?

Monday, October 5

Open Thread: October Birthdays!

How are you celebrating?

Friday, October 2

Open Thread Update: How Are We Holding Up?

When and how did you notice the lockdown was getting to you – and how did you fix it?

Friday, September 25

Open Thread Update: Are We the 2030 Problem?

Readers speak out about the “2030” problem.

Friday, September 18

Open Thread Update: Identity Crisis

When you turn 65, would you like to be called “Vintage” or “Pops?”

Friday, September 11

Open Thread Update: Favorite Lockdown Zoom Pastime

The results are in for your favorite ongoing Zoom activity.

Monday, September 7

Open Thread: September Birthdays!

How are you celebrating?

Friday, September 4

Open Thread Update: 2020 Gift Shop?

Take a look at some suggestions of gift shop items in the Year 2020 museum.