Category: Open Thread

Friday, October 23

Open Thread: Back to Normal Yet? Feel safe?

Are you getting whiplash yet?

Friday, October 16

Open Thread Update: Post-Pandemic Predictions

Here’s a look at what readers predicted for the post-pandemic world. Does it match your ideas?

Monday, October 5

Open Thread: October Birthdays!

How are you celebrating?

Friday, October 2

Open Thread Update: How Are We Holding Up?

When and how did you notice the lockdown was getting to you – and how did you fix it?

Friday, September 25

Open Thread Update: Are We the 2030 Problem?

Readers speak out about the “2030” problem.

Friday, September 18

Open Thread Update: Identity Crisis

When you turn 65, would you like to be called “Vintage” or “Pops?”

Friday, September 11

Open Thread Update: Favorite Lockdown Zoom Pastime

The results are in for your favorite ongoing Zoom activity.

Monday, September 7

Open Thread: September Birthdays!

How are you celebrating?

Friday, September 4

Open Thread Update: 2020 Gift Shop?

Take a look at some suggestions of gift shop items in the Year 2020 museum.

Friday, August 28

Open Thread Follow Up: Whoopsie…or Whoopie?

Readers share “What about getting older makes you say ‘Whoopie’ – or ‘Whoopsie?’ ”

Friday, August 21

Open Thread Follow Up: Really?

Could a chance comment on Lexington Avenue produce a paradigm shift in the young daughter of a friend?

Friday, August 14

Open Thread Follow Up: Best in Class

The floor is still open for you to share, brag or nominate your favorite achievements during the pandemic, and the online classes that got you there. Share your favorite finds!

Monday, August 10

Open Thread: August Birthdays!

How are you celebrating?

Friday, August 7

Open Thread Follow Up: Uh Oh

How do you recharge your mental batteries when they get low?

Friday, July 31

Open Thread Update: Password Fatigue

Remember when “Password” was just a game show? Our readers speak out about “password fatigue.”