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Friday, July 31

Open Thread Update: Password Fatigue

Remember when “Password” was just a game show? Our readers speak out about “password fatigue.”

Monday, July 27

Senior Planet Book Club: Born a Crime (Week 3)

Let’s discuss part 3 of “Born a Crime.”

Monday, July 27

Is Container Gardening For You?

If you love seeing things grow but don’t have much space, here’s a solution for you. Have a garden already? Use the form in the article and send us your pix!

Friday, July 24

Seniors Update Classic Rock Albums

An adventurous care home events coordinator in the UK worked with seniors to recreate classic rock album covers…and started a worldwide sensation.

Friday, July 24

Open Thread Update: Getting Tested

Still waiting for the results of both Covid-19 tests…how about you? Readers speak out.

Tuesday, July 21

Senior Planet Book Club: Born a Crime (Week 2)

Let’s discuss part 2 of “Born a Crime.”

Monday, July 20

Ask Joan: Easier Orgasms

Our Sex Columnist offers a self-help guide to easier orgasms.

Friday, July 17

Open Thread Follow Up: When Already?

According to our poll, most of us are getting tired of ‘mask rash” and terribly miss the grandkids, but live sports might find some unpleasant surprises when the lockdown lifts.

Friday, July 17

Good News on the Health Front

Finally, some good news on several fronts in health!

Tuesday, July 14

Senior Planet Book Club: Born a Crime (Week 1)

Let’s discuss part 1 of “Born a Crime.”

Monday, July 13

Stimulus Check Scams

Scammers on the prowl for your info – now using phony “stimulus check” calls.

Friday, July 10

Open Thread Follow Up: Are You Serious?

How long this lockdown lasts depends on how seriously we take it…..or not.

Wednesday, July 8

COVID-19 and Minorities

The impact of COVID-19 on the health of racial and ethnic minority groups shows some concerning – and dangerous – trends, but there’s still cause for hope.

Tuesday, July 7

Senior Planet Book Club: Born a Crime

The votes are in!

Monday, July 6

Open Thread: July Birthdays!

How are you celebrating?