Bulletin Board: Two Casting Calls for Seniors

From time to time, Senior Planet receives requests from casting agencies looking for help in finding senior subjects for film and television, as well as other requests for seniors to get involved in projects. In Bulletin Board we pass along any that look worth following up. (We haven’t fully vetted these opportunities; click on the links at the end of each entry to draw your own conclusions.)

Casting for a New NBC Show

Have you ever watched NBC’s hit show “Little Big Shots,” in which Steve Harvey introduces kids who have special talents or unusual interests (a 5-year-old who’s obsessed with Abraham Lincoln, a guitar prodigy, a young ballet duo)? Now, the show’s executive producers want to make a senior version and they’re looking for older people to showcase.

Who they’re looking for

The show’s producers are looking for men and women based anywhere who are between the ages of 70 and 105 and, in the producers’ words, are “talented, quirky, fun and entertaining.” Unlike “Little Big Shots,” the new show will focus not just on talent, but also on inspiring stories, dynamic personalities and unique wisdom. (You can read more about the show here.) We spoke with a producer for the show who assured us that the objective is not to show seniors as “adorable” or wacky. 

How it works

The casting will be done virtually: You’ll be asked to upload a short video of yourself and if you’re shortlisted, you’ll be scheduled to participate in a Skype interview. If you’re selected for the show, you’ll be flown out to Los Angeles for filming during the spring, all expenses paid; you’ll also be paid a standard SAG AFTRA rate.


Send your name, age and a brief introduction of yourself, as well as any video or YouTube links to lbsforeveryoungcasting@gmail.com.

Casting Married Couples NOW for a Commercial

Do you and your spouse like to drink? October Films is casting married couples aged 60 and over to take part in a paid commercial for an alcoholic beverage. The commercial is filming later this month, and the casting agency needs to hear from anyone who’s interested as soon as possible this week.

How it works

The casting will be done virtually. After you fill out an application (see below), you may be contacted later this week for a Skype interview. If you’re picked to participate, you’ll hear back within a week.

You and other couples who are chosen to participate will be asked to meet in NYC for a drink and to give your frank feedback on the alcoholic beverage chosen for you. Each couple will be filmed for about two hours. Couples who are chosen to participate will be paid $400 for their time. The filming will take place during the week of January 21.


To apply, fill out the application form by clicking here and email it to MARRIED@OCTOBERFILMS.TV (clicking on the link will download the form, which you can fill, save and attach to your email). The form asks you to describe your marriage, your drinking preferences and why you’re applying for this opportunity, along with giving your basic info (including religion!?). You’ll also need to attach a couple of photos to your email. If you have technical difficulties, try emailing the casting agency at the email above.

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