Bulletin Board: Seniors Needed for Product Research

 From time to time, Senior Planet receives requests from casting agencies, research groups and other looking for help in finding seniors to participate in paid or unpaid projects of various kinds. In our occasional Bulletin Board feature, we pass along any that look worth following up. (We have been in contact with each company that contacts us, but we haven’t fully vetted these opportunities; click on the links at the end of each entry to draw your own conclusions.)

Paid Research Opportunity for Seniors

Are you handy or all thumbs? From now until August 31, Sidewalk Labs, a technology startup owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is offering a paid research opportunity for seniors about their experiences doing tasks around their homes—from cleaning to changing lightbulbs and doing small fix-it jobs. The company, which is focused on innovations for urban living, will use the information and user interviews for its own research to help shape a service it will be launching soon. Sidewalk Labs is NYC-based, but you are illegible to participate wherever you live.

How It Works

Simply fill out this survey if you are interested in participating in this research opportunity. If you qualify for an interview, Sidewalk Labs will contact you by phone or email within 48 hours and work directly with you to schedule a time for a 45-minute interview, conducted either by phone or video—or possibly in person if you live in New York City. (Don’t worry, the company will only use your phone number to contact you for the interview and then delete it.) Just to be clear, this isn’t for a commercial or PSA, just research.

Everyone who is interviewed by Sidewalk Labs will receive a $30 Amazon or American Express gift card after the 45-minute interview is completed.

Learn more about Sidewalk Labs


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