Bulletin Board: Seniors Needed for a Brain Imaging Study

What’s happening inside our brains when we’re making decisions? And in what ways do the brain’s workings change as we grow older?

Those are questions that researchers at the Center for Neural Science at New York University are interested in answering. The researchers are conducting a paid, non-invasive brain imaging study (technically known as a fMRI study) that will look at what’s going on in participants’ brains.

Want to help?

The study’s researchers are looking for people age 50 to 90 who can make two trips to NYU in New York’s West Village. The study participants also should be right-handed (don’t ask).

What’s in it for you? You’ll get insight into how the studies you read about on Senior Planet and elsewhere work; you’ll be able to say “One of those brains was mine” when the results are published; and you’ll receive compensation from NYU.

If you’re interested in participating, call 212-998-7659 or email michael.grubb@nyu.edu.

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