Bulletin Board: Opportunities for Senior Performers and Artists

From time to time, Senior Planet receives requests for seniors to get involved in projects of various kinds. In our occasional Bulletin Board feature, we’ll pass along any that look interesting. We’re especially excited about this week’s intergenerational projects.

Casting for a New Theater Piece

How should a teenager, or a teenage nation, grow up? How has American power shifted over the decades and how does our sense of personal power change as we age? The TEAM – a Brooklyn-based ensemble that’s making waves in the theater world – plans to explore these questions in “Primer for a Failed Superpower,” a piece that the company will build collaboratively with an intergenerational cast.

“Primer” will feature a three-generation cover band playing songs of political or social outrage past and present, in a concert that will be intercut with dance and the performers’ reflections on power. “More than any one narrative,” The TEAM says, “‘Primer’ is about three generations trying to empathize with the world each has inherited, in order to more fully understand what is being lost and gained.

Who should audition

The TEAM is auditioning for a two-week workshop for “Primer” in Brooklyn, NY. The company is looking for opinionated, community-minded seniors age 65-plus who feel positive about creative collaboration, and are ready to contribute and perform autobiographical material and to express themselves through movement, as well as in words. Performance experience and musical ability are a big plus, as is a diversity of experience in living and relating to our country. You’ll also need to be free for afternoon workshop sessions April 5-18; there will be a public presentation of the work-in-progress on the last day.

Interested in auditioning?

Auditions are scheduled for March 1, 8, 12 and 13, and you’ll need to prepare. Among the exercises you’ll be asked to do: Bring in a song that means “my America” to you and speak a text that The TEAM will provide; find or write a short text that signifies “rebellion”; and dance like nobody’s watching.

Comfortable with all that? To get complete details about the auditions, how to apply and what to prepare, click here.

Learn more about The Team

ArtCart’s Documentation Project

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “an aging artist’s studio.” Most likely stacks of paintings or drawings dating back decades. And what happens to all of that creative work when the artist is gone?

Only one in five senior artists has fully documented their work, according to a recent Research Center for Arts and Culture at the National Center for Creative Aging study. The nonprofit Art Cart wants to help with this problem and is inviting seniors to apply for its documentation project.

How It Works 

Art Cart aims to be the catalyst for seniors learning how to use digital technology to preserve their legacy and art. The program matches advanced art students with older artists to preserve the artist’s full body of work.

In the course of the documentation process, seniors learn software, teaming up with two fellows from arts, health and aging disciplines. The older artists in the program also are asked to pick a working partner (who could be a fellow artist, family member or friend) who will work – and learn preservation techniques – alongside them. The culmination is an exhibition in the public forum.

Joan Jeffri, director of the Research Center for Arts and Culture at the National Center for Creative Aging, says that besides ensuring an artist’s work is not forgotten, the program has other benefits. Senior artists who have participated in the program, she says, “got grants, more exposure and a sense of accomplishment.” The project also allows artists to reflect on their work – and on the feelings they were experiencing during each piece’s creation.

You can watch a short video here.

Interested in Participating?

The third NYC Art Cart Project is accepting applications through March 15. Professional visual artists who meet the following criteria are invited to apply:

  • Are age 62 or older
  • Live in the NYC metro area
  • Have spent a lifetime making work
  • Can select a working partner for the project who will commit at the time of application.

Email for an application

Learn more about Art Cart 


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