Bulletin Board: NY Lifers and Lifelong Learners, Listen Up!


From time to time, Senior Planet receives requests from casting agencies looking for help in finding senior subjects for film and television, as well as other requests for seniors to get involved in projects of various kinds. In our new occasional Bulletin Board feature, we’ll pass along any that look worth following up. (We haven’t fully vetted these opportunities; click on the links at the end of each entry to draw your own conclusions.)

Be Featured in a Photo Series About Seniors’ Favorite NYC Places

Are you ready  for your close up? If you’re a women aged 60 and up who lives in NYC and has a favorite place you want to share, then photographer Corinne Monson wants to hear from you.

Monson is looking for subjects for her NY Lifers Project, an online photo series that aims to highlight individuals and their relationships with their city. If you end up being one of Monson’s subjects, she’ll photograph you in your favorite place and ask you to talk about why you picked it.

Your place can be anywhere in  the five boroughs that’s accessible by public transportation.


Email Monson at with the information below, or call her at 917 224 8116.

  • Name
  • Age
  • How long you’ve lived in NYC
  • Your favorite NYC spot and why
  • The best way to reach you

Visit Corinne Monson’s website

 Lifelong Learners Needed for an International Education Survey

Are you over age 65 and currently taking a course? Willing to complete an online survey about your lifelong learning habits?

The Silverlearning Study, which will compare results from seniors in the United States and Germany (it’s being conducted together with the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, Germany), aims to make a meaningful scientific contribution to the lifelong learning landscape. “With life expectancies increasing, our aging societies need a tailored educational system for older learners,” lead researcher Sandra von Doetinchem, a lifelong learning expert, writes. Your participation in the survey will help the study make recommendations.

The study takes about five minutes or less to complete and asks about your learning experiences, as well as demographic questions. All responses are anonymous.


The study is seeking learners age 65 and older who are currently taking or auditing a course or otherwise involved in an organized learning experience to participate in the survey; if you’re 80 or over, all the better!

To take the survey and learn more about the study, follow this link.


One response to “Bulletin Board: NY Lifers and Lifelong Learners, Listen Up!

  1. this is very interesting that somebody is starting to take interest in what seniors have to offer. They are a wonder of education, life experience and all to often at the end of your working life, people forget what you do have to offer.

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