Bulletin Board: A New Steve Harvey Show and a Paid Study

From time to time, Senior Planet receives requests from casting agencies, research groups and other looking for help in finding seniors to participate in paid or unpaid projects of various kinds. In our occasional Bulletin Board feature, we pass along any that look worth following up. (We have been in contact with each company that contacts us, but we haven’t fully vetted these opportunities; click on the links at the end of each entry to draw your own conclusions.)

The Steve Show

If you are fun and energetic, and have an unusual talent or hobby or a compelling story to tell, The Steve Show wants to hear from you. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning Steve Harvey —host of Family Feud, Little Big Shots and others—it’s a new daytime show launching this fall.

The Steve Show’s main draw will be its celebrity guests, but second billing goes to “funny and talented human interest guests” in the words of the show’s website—including seniors. If you have a great story or talent, this could be your chance to present it to a national audience. No acting or professional experience is required.

he show launches September 5, so you can tune in to see what the real deal is before you consider if it’s right for you. Click here to see where it’s airing in your area.

How It Works

Application is by email; the casting crew will review submissions and will only contact a selection of candidates to discuss the next step. Selected candidates will then be interviewed via Skype.

Seniors who are selected to participate in the show will be flown to Universal Studios in Los Angeles for taping. The show will cover travel and accommodations for those selected for an appearance. You will need to stay in touch with the show to find out when your show will air.


To toss your hat in the ring:

  • Email the casting office at castingdepartmentSHTV@gmail.com with your name and location in the body of the email
  • If possible, include in the email a video two to four minutes long, either as an attachment or a link.
  • If you absolutely can’t send a video, instead include a detailed description of your talent or story.
  • Casting is ongoing until May.

On the way home, you might want to stop by the Walk of Fame and pick out the spot for your star. (Please let us know if you’re selected so we can say we knew you when.)

Paid Research Study for NYC Seniors

Columbia University Medical Center’s Neurology Department is looking for people age 66 and older in good health for a paid research study. The study will be evaluating language abilities in adults as they age. Someday this research could help people with epilepsy or Alzheimer’s, so your participation could be a real contribution to medical research.

Conducted by  Dr. Marla Hamberger of the Columbia University Medical Center faculty, the study consists of a 90-minute pencil-and-paper activities—for example, naming pictures of common objects, naming common objects from written descriptions, or repeating lists of numbers and words. There may be a follow up study a year later.

How It Works

You get to set the time and location of your participation—you can go to the Columbia University Medical Center, or ask researchers to come to your home or meet you at a senior center or any location you designate.

Research study participants will be given $40 compensation as well as a travel reimbursement up to $100 (if you travel to their facility and give them receipts.


  • You’ll have to be screened in a telephone interview before joining the study.
  • For more information and to be screened, call Michelle at 212-305-1801.
  • Mad

    I feel the same way Barbara! I’m a long time fan of his show. I hate the new format. Who cares about Hollywood. I like the “feel good” stories & Harvey’s Heroes. Also like the roll models for the younger kids. Please go back to the way it was before! I think I’ll delete my DVR for Steve. Just not the same!

  • Barbara Milloit

    I’m an avid Steve Harvey show! Steve was my source of laughter everyday! My fave part of show being ASK STEVE! I seemed so candid and Steve was soooo funny! lmbo.
    I dont like new format AT ALL! Steve seems uncomfortable and the new format doesn’t fit the bill like the old format.
    All these celeb guests NO NO NO! I HATE THE NEW SHOW! PLS GO BACK TO OLD FORMAT. I DON’T THINK I’LL BE WATCHING ANYMORE. Some things missing!!!!!!!!!!
    Barbie So sad☹

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