Blinged Out: Seniors Poke Fun at Kids Today

Do you ever look at pictures from your teens or 20s and wonder, What was I wearing?!?

When Linda Dajana Krüger, aka Dai Lyn Power, flipped through her aunt’s old photo album and saw pictures of the now older woman as she was in the 60s, the young artist wondered how her generation’s style will look in 50 years’ time. She realized her aunt’s photos couldn’t clue her in to that generation’s experience – what will later generations think of today’s Millennials? So Power asked seniors at a nursing home in her town of Ludwigshafen, Germany to let her dress and photograph them decked out in current streetstyle. “They had a lot of fun in the process and took their very first picture with an iPhone,” Power says on her website.

laptop iphone

The resulting series, “Our Generation,shows seniors sporting gold chains, marijuana leaf bling and beanies, accessorized with the requisite technology: iPhones, Macbooks and earbuds.   As one blogger on the site Stupid Dope wrote: “Hopefully these images will be a firm reminder that sometime us young folks look sillier than we think.” And hopefully the images will remind some street-stylish Millennials that some older folk are cool enough to dress up and have mad fun.



Dai Lyn Power’s “Our Generation was published on Vice Germany. (To learn how to read the page in translation, click here.) Click here to see all of the images on Power’s Tumblr.

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