Author: Tara Struyk

Thursday, May 30

Need Computer Help? Try YouTube Videos.

If you have access to the Internet, you can find online resources for learning computer and iPad skills – including some great how-to videos.

Friday, April 12

Just Launched: A New Tool for Seniors Seeking Employment

The National Council on Aging has just launched JobSource, an online jobs resource designed especially for seniors.

Thursday, April 4

Toolbar: Travel Armchair-Style with Fotopedia Heritage

Whether you’re an armchair traveler or like to absorb facts about distant places through visuals, the award-winning app Fotopedia will take you there.

Thursday, March 28

Learn a New Language Online for Free

Memrise isn’t the most sophisticated site for language lessons, but it makes the hard work of learning new vocabulary truly enjoyable. And it’s free.

Thursday, March 14

Toolbar: Flex Your Brain with the Strong Mind Puzzles App

This app was developed by neurocognitive learning specialist Dr. Donalee Marcus to provide a full workout for your brain. Have fun!

Thursday, March 7

Play Piano on Your iPad

If you’ve ever wanted to learn piano – or just knock out a tune honky-tonk style – try this iPad app. It’s one of our favorites.

Sunday, March 3

How to Follow an Event on Twitter and Get In on the Conversation

On Twitter, you can mix with people from around the world and add your two cents – or 140 characters – to the discussion.

Thursday, February 28

Toolbar: iStand iPad App for Fall Prevention (or should we say “iFall)

One in three seniors has a fall each year. This this iPad app’s fall prevention program could help keep you upright.

Wednesday, February 13

Toolbar: A (Very) Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Solution

Want to treat your daughter to concert tickets? Your man to a massage? Your sister to a bottle of wine? If you can think of it, you can gift it – right now – with this web and iPad application.

Friday, February 8

Toolbar: Time Traveling in NYC and Beyond

A new iPad app allows you step back in time and see what the earth – or even New York City – looked like millions and billions of years ago.

Thursday, January 31

Got Family? A Simple Way to Share Photos

This new web, tablet and phone app makes it easy as pie to share photos among your peeps – right to your screensaver.

Thursday, January 24

4 Ways Computers Get Infected (and How to Avoid Them)

It’s always flu season for computers. From scareware to crapware and malware, 13 percent of home computers get infected. Here’s how to avoid yours being one of them.

Wednesday, November 21

How to Protect Your Personal Info From Cybercrooks

Cyber Monday means great online deals for consumers – but cyber crooks may be taking advantage, too. Check these essential dos and don’ts can help keep your personal info safe.

Wednesday, November 7

How to Use Twitter As a Newsfeed