Author: Rodney A. Brooks

Monday, January 11

Get Your Finances in Order in 2021

Are your finances on the right track for 2021? Get answers here!

Monday, December 14

Election 2020 and Retirement Planning

Worried about the election and your retirement finances? Find food for thought here!

Wednesday, November 25

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

Here are some tips on how to maximize tax benefits in your estate planning.

Monday, October 12

Ready for Long-Term Care Insurance?

Are you prepared in case you need long-term care? Get answers here.

Monday, September 14

Where’s Your Retirement Emergency Fund?

A pandemic is a stark reminder to retirees that they need an emergency fund outside their retirement accounts.

Monday, August 10

Is an Annuity Right for You?

You see the ads for them all the time…but is an annuity right for you? Learn the pros and cons here.