Author: Linda Abbit

Thursday, January 15

On the Intensity of Older Athletes

Angela Jimenez wondered how fast and far older bodies can go, so she set out to photograph senior track and field competitors. Watching them taught her about much more than speed and distance.

Wednesday, January 7

Tiny Houses: The Next Big Thing for Seniors?

The Tiny House movement is growing fast – and not just among the young. Seniors, too, are finding it makes sense to downsize, personalize and save.

Wednesday, December 10

The Sun City Poms (Not Your Typical Cheerleaders)

Known for its leg lifts and splits, this senior cheerleading squad – the oldest Pom is 83 – is a also a social hub and, for some, a lifeline.

Monday, October 13

Days of Future Past

Robotic maids, flying cars, teleporters… how far have we come in realizing the futuristic fantasies of our youth.

Friday, September 26

Ari Seth Cohen on the Ladies of Advanced Style

The creator of Advanced Style talks about his accidental career: chasing down stylish older women on city streets for his popular blog – now a film.

Wednesday, September 10

Visible: 60 Women at 60

As she neared 60, photographer Jenny O’Connor started wondering what this milestone means for her generation. Her questions led to an unusual portrait project.

Tuesday, July 29

“The Age of Love” Explores Senior Speed Dating

Filmmaker Steven Loring wanted to know what happens to love as we age. For answers, he followed a group of speed daters in their 70s and 80s. The result is a powerful film about resilience and universality.

Monday, April 14

Linda Perhacs: It’s Never Too Late to Start Again

She made one album in 1970, then put aside her dreams and focused on her day job. Unknown to Perhacs, young fans were keeping her music alive – and looking for her.

Monday, March 17

Counting Centenarians: Lynn Adler on “Celebrate 100”

Ask Lynn Adler why she wants to find every centenarian in the US, and she’ll tell you about people like Margaret Dunning, 102, who shows her 1930 Packard all around the country.

Sunday, December 15

Aleah Chapin’s Aunties Project

Artist Aleah Chapin has made a mark with her nude paintings of “the Aunties” — wrinkles, flab and all.

Monday, October 28

The Mormor Monologues Give Nanas Back Their Voice

A web-based art project brings to life Norway’s grandmothers through audio recordings and photography, giving voice to a generation of strong, independent women.

Tuesday, October 8

Too Much Old Stuff: How to Bust the Clutter

When your home is full of things from your past, there’s no space for you to become who you’ll be. Learn how to declutter from a pro.

Friday, September 6

Do You Have an Un-Bucket List?

We loved the idea of writing an un-bucket list – but it wasn’t as simple as we thought…

Wednesday, August 21

Beauty and Wisdom: Talking to Photographer Robbie Kaye

Robbie Kaye traveled to beauty parlors across America to capture a fading ritual: the weekly parlor appointment that gives older women community and dignity.

Tuesday, August 13

Your Online ‘Hood: Meet Your Neighbors is a social network with a difference: It connects you to the people on your block and encourages offline neighborliness.