Author: Kathleen Doheny

Monday, July 22

Oy Vey: Why We Complain and How to Stop It

Do your conversations turn into kvetching fests? If you’ve had enough of aching back/insomnia/toilet TMI talk, read these tips from the experts.

Monday, June 17

How to Protect Your Body While You’re at Your Computer

When you’re plugged in, do you ignore – even abuse – your body? Learn how to be kind to your muscles, eyes and blood pressure while you’re online.

Monday, June 10

Not Your Grandpa’s: A Hearing Aid History

The saga of the incredible shrinking hearing aid, in words and pictures

Monday, May 20

Scams: Are You Immune?

“Good afternoon. I’d like to tell you about an unbelievable financial opportunity.” If you think you’d never fall for a line like this, you are probably a social person with a sense of your own value. Or you’re kidding yourself.

Monday, April 29

Scientists Zero In on a Brain Workout That Works

A specific brain exercise called the n-back, available online, can significantly improve cognitive function in people of all ages – including seniors.

Wednesday, April 17

Gray Divorce: Splitting Up At 65-Plus

We’re living longer – but our marriages aren’t. One of every 20 people in the US who gets divorced is now 65-plus, and the numbers are set to rise.

Monday, April 15

More Seniors Are Backing Legal Marijuana

Seniors are warming to the idea of making marijuana legal, according to a new Pew survey. and groups like Grannies for Grass are spreading.

Monday, March 25

Planet Talk: Centenarian Expert Tom Perls

Can aging with attitude help you live longer? Dr. Tom Perls has studied centenarians for 20 years and followed 2,200 people who are 100-plus. Here’s what he’s discovered.

Thursday, March 21

1 in 3 Older Adults Now Dies With Dementia

According to sobering new statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of deaths from dementia has risen steeply in the past decade.

Wednesday, March 13

Cancer: To Screen or Not to Screen?

Annual mammogram or bi-annual? PSA or no PSA? What’s the deal with the ever-changing recommendations on cancer screenings for older people?

Friday, March 1

Research: Money-Saving Strategies

Is the best savings strategy to have one bank account or two? New research suggests an answer – and some other ways to save.

Thursday, February 28

Nursing Homes Still Hotbeds of Abusive Drugging

Drugging of seniors with antipsychotics is widespread, and NYC nursing homes are doing more than their fair share of it.

Monday, February 11

Talking to Love Chemistry Expert Dr. Helen Fisher

Dr. Helen Fisher, scientific advisor to and an expert in human attraction, discusses the chemistry of love and what happens to it as we age

Monday, February 4

Can Better ZZZs Lead to Better Name Recall?

Poor sleep can cause memories to get stuck in our brains’ short-term storage, a new study shows, which might help explain why we forget names.

Monday, January 21

Research: Connecting With Others Can Protect Your Health

Loneliness is hard on your immune system. Whether you’re healthy or sick, it makes you vulnerable to ill health, according to new research.