Author: Kathleen Doheny

Thursday, May 13

Good News About Senior Fitness

Get inspired by the good news about all the benefits exercise can give you!

Thursday, April 29

Fitness Tech You Can Wear

Wearable fitness technologies and gadgets are game changers for seniors trying to stay healthy.

Thursday, March 18

Avoid Statins and Other Meds with These Lifestyle Changes

Clean up your act and avoid meds for cholesterol, blood sugar, and bone density.

Thursday, March 11

Bone Up on a Key Health Issue!

At risk for osteopenia or osteoporosis? Take our quiz and test your bone health smarts.

Thursday, February 18

When Your Heart Turns 65…

Is it heartburn…or a heart attack? If you’re 65 or older, only your cardiologist knows for sure.

Thursday, February 11

Are You Ready for Your Post-Pandemic Closeup?

Curious about a little ‘tuneup’ ahead of your ‘return to society” in 2021?

Thursday, January 21

Have a Healthier New Year

Start the New Year off right with these top five health and wellness tips.

Friday, January 8

COVID Vaccine: When’s My Turn?

Will we have to wait any longer for this long-awaited COVID vaccine? Get the latest info here!!

Wednesday, December 9

Vaccine Update

Here’s a quick update on the status of vaccines for COVID-19.

Wednesday, November 4

Medicare: What to Know for 2021

Get fast facts about lower costs for insulin and other changes in Medicare for 2021.

Monday, October 26

Health and Minorities: Disparities and Solutions

The early death of Chadwick Boseman revealed challenges in health care for African Americans.

Wednesday, September 16

Don’t Fall – for Anything!

Get the scoop on how to prevent falls; learn more at the upcoming Senior Planet Falls Prevention Workshop online on September 23.

Friday, August 28

Keep Your Memory Into Your 90s

Some news on the memory front that can keep your memory sharp into your 90s.

Friday, July 17

Good News on the Health Front

Finally, some good news on several fronts in health!

Wednesday, July 8

COVID-19 and Minorities

The impact of COVID-19 on the health of racial and ethnic minority groups shows some concerning – and dangerous – trends, but there’s still cause for hope.