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Kathleen Doheny

Think you’re Heart Smart? Take our Quiz

Keeping your heart healthy, as we all know, is crucial especially as we get older. But how smart are you about your heart health? We cooked up this quiz with the help of Megan Kamath, MD, cardiologist at UCLA Health specializing in heart failure. Let’s see how smart you are. Just read the following statements,…

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To CBD or not to CBD

It’s that time of year—shopping for holiday gifts for family and friends and hostess gifts for people you may be visiting. What to get? What to get? One single trend—the CBD craze—may help you reduce your own stress and check off most people on your list—especially if your gift recipients need to sleep better, be…

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Need a favor Post-Op?

Whether you need a colonoscopy, an eye operation, a hip or a knee replacement, or back surgery, there’s usually one common denominator: you need a ride home, because the anesthesia has to wear off. And you may also need some at-home help to recover. If you’re married or co-habitating, your partner typically gets the chauffeuring…

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