Author: Erica Manfred

Monday, May 3

Safer Online Banking and E-commerce

Want to keep the scammers at bay when banking online? Try these tips.

Monday, April 5

Amp Your Internet!

Live in a “digital desert?” Here are some tips to amp your internet connectivity.

Monday, March 29

Happy Tweetday – Join the Party!

Even Big Ben has a Twitter feed – how about you?

Monday, March 1

Cut the Cord, Save a Bundle

Cut the cord and save a ton of cash – and take control of your TV viewing.

Friday, February 5

Zoom Security Update

Zoom recently upped its security game – but is it enough? Check out these extra tips.

Monday, February 1

How to Set Up 2 Factor Authentication

How much do you know about the “gold standard” for internet security?

Monday, January 4

Get on Top of Your Tech in 2021

Resolve to get on top of your tech in 2021 with these quick fixes.

Monday, December 7

Learn to Navigate the New Facebook

Here’s your guide to navigating Facebook’s new look and feel.

Friday, April 27

Wondering where to retire?

Friday, February 16

Online Dating at 75: Granny Gail Tells All

Granny Gail convinced her lovelorn granddaughter, “Granny Is My Wingman” author Kaylie Stollak, to try online dating – and then created her own dating profile.

Friday, July 18

What I Learned from Browsing the Hearing Aid Forums

This grassroots community might be the best online source for practical, unbiased money-saving information about hearing aids.