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Annette Witheridge

Why Barbara Taylor Bradford won’t retire

Barbara Taylor Bradford was 39 when her debut novel, “A Woman of Substance,” became a runaway success. Now 85, she’s just published her 33rd book – the first in a planned trilogy set in Victorian England – and has no plans to retire. “I work because I love it,” she tells Senior Planet. “What would…

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Online Investing…in Rock and Roll?

…And we’re not just talking vinyl. Older musicians, songwriters, producers and their families are selling off royalties to fund retirements – and investors are snapping up the rights hoping for a stream of regular income. With streaming services giving the once-ailing music business a major boost, buying and selling royalties has suddenly become big business…and…

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Entrepreneur Fair

Senior Entrepreneurs

Although entrepreneurs in their teens or twenties get all the attention, a recent US Census Bureau study reveals that 60-year-olds are three times as likely to found a successful start-up than people half their age. The ability to raise funds and actually turn a good idea into reality plays a big part, but there’s a special…

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A boundary-breaking baseball game, 63 years later

  In 1955 two groups of 12-year-old boys made history when they ignored segregation and adult prejudice to play the first integrated Little League baseball game in the South.  Now a new documentary, “Long Time Coming: a 1955 Baseball Story,” looks back at the groundbreaking game and reunites the opposing players for the first time…

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Q&A: Dancer Naomi Goldberg Haas

As a classically trained ballet dancer expected to watch her figure constantly, Naomi Goldberg Haas went on tour with a modern vaudeville act and was delighted to see people of all shapes and sizes on stage. She set up Dances for a Variable Population (learn more here),  a non-profit multigenerational dance company, in 2005 when she…

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Dancing through life: Martha Halas

When grandmother Martha Halas decided to “unlearn” everything she’d been told growing up, she had no idea it would put her on the music map and earn her a starring role in singer-songwriter Jackie Greene’s latest video.  The three-time cancer survivor started dancing alone at her local restaurant on Florida’s Gulf Coast five years ago.…

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