Ask Quora: What Advice Would You Give to Young People?

Quora is a community website for sharing knowledge, experiences and advice. The site has millions of members who ask and answer questions ranging from “Why are the sky and ocean blue” to (from a convicted felon), “I screwed up my life. Is it too late?” and What do Vermont residents think of Bernie Sanders?” Members upvote answers they like and downvote answers that they don’t; the answers with the most upvotes float to the top of the page.

Quora is a great place for intergenerational exchange, so from time to time Senior Planet features a question and answer from the site. Explore the community to find other questions you can respond to. 

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2 responses to “Ask Quora: What Advice Would You Give to Young People?

  1. I am appalled at today’s generation in how they act, how they talk, their lack of respect for both themselves and others, especially senior citizens. I blame a lot of this on the parents and their leniency on raising kids these days. How hard would it be for a parent to mandate that the child keep their pants pulled up. Nobody wants to see someone’s rear end as they walk down the street. I have yet to see the significance of doing that. In my younger days, that would constitute indecent exposure subject to being arrested. And the language that is used makes me want to duct tape their mouths! And this is the future? I won’t be around to see it but I actually feel sorry for those who will be. If we could bring back the days before the ’80’s. It was around that time when things started to deteriorate.

  2. We have been married since 1963 Syd and Imet in 1958. We married off our children and buried our parents.

    Life as seniors is not easy!. Fiscally and physically.
    We love and relay on each other and are sorely frightened by the inevitable. So we take it one day at a time and love living with the toys of today,

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