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A member writes:

At 61, I have a thriving libido. My husband, 56, calls me a “Sex Goddess,” but he no longer craves sex with me and just goes through the motions, if we do it at all. Three months ago, he suggested I find a sex partner. 

We’ve been married 15 years, a second marriage for both. He grew up having all the sex he wanted. I was taught that sex was for marriage, and I only had sex with my husbands. For most of our marriage. I did what he wanted the way he wanted it. I believed that sex was for the man, and I put effort into learning to please him. I didn’t understand my own sexual response until I saw a sex therapist who suggested I masturbate to figure out how my body worked. I had my first orgasm at 48! 

Now I feel much more adventurous and uninhibited. I finally have the courage to ask for what I want, such as oral sex to warm me up, exploring different kinds of touch, having him involved when I use my vibrator, and helping me to orgasm first. But he says, “That’s not me.” He complains that I can’t have an orgasm without my vibrator, and since nothing he has ever done works for me, why try?

When he brought up me having a sex partner outside of our marriage, I wasn’t sure what he meant or if he could really handle it. After more conversations, he still thinks this is a good idea, but he doesn’t want to know anything about the man or the encounter. That’s confusing to me, but I am getting used to the idea. He is now toying with wanting to have sex with a woman with “big boobs.” I wonder if he had an affair and is using opening our marriage as an excuse to continue.  

What is your take on our situation?

—Frustrated “Sex Goddess”

Joan responds:

Kudos to you for taking action. You questioned how your sex life could be better, consulted a sex therapist, learned to give yourself orgasms, bought a vibrator that works for you, and asked your husband for changes. It’s dismaying that your husband rejected your suggestions. “That’s not me” seems a selfish response when you’ve asked for generosity of sexual pleasure — which you willingly give to him. 

It’s possible that he just doesn’t understand how female pleasure works, especially at our age. Your needs are perfectly normal: warm-up, different kinds of touch, and the strong stimulation of your vibrator. None of this excludes him! It’s the opposite: by pleasuring you with the intimate attention you need, he becomes a partner in your pleasure and orgasm. Would he be willing to see your sex therapist with you? 

We don’t know why your husband stopped craving sex with you. Maybe he only wanted it “his way,” and felt threatened by you rightly standing up for your own pleasure. Maybe he feels inadequate because he thinks his penis should give you orgasms. (It’s well known that most women do not climax through intercourse alone.) Maybe the relationship is troubled. Maybe he loves you deeply, but the passion is gone. Maybe, as you question, he’s having an affair. Maybe he doesn’t understand his lack of interest himself. 

Opening a marriage to a new sex partner isn’t that rare in our age group. Sometimes formerly monogamous couples decide they want variety and new relationship excitement, or for one reason or another, sex is not satisfying between them. The kind of arrangement your husband describes is the “don’t ask, don’t tell” model: he consents to you taking a lover, but he wants you to be discreet and he doesn’t want to hear about it. Is he also suggesting a “don’t ask, don’t tell’ arrangement for himself, when he beds a busty woman of his fantasies?

You’ve described what he wants — how do you feel about all this? That’s an essential question. I suggest the two of you read and discuss “Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships” by Tristan Taormino before you embark on this change. (Read this review on my blog.) Here are some topics you’ll want to discuss:

  • What are our expectations for opening our relationship? 
  • What are our ground rules? What’s off limits?
  • How do we choose our partners? 
  • How will this work logistically, such as scheduling and locations for our trysts?
  • What is our safer sex agreement? Condoms always? What about dental dams? (Please watch my free Safer Sex for Seniors webinar here.)
  • Are our outside relationships for sex only? One-time hookups? Ongoing friends with benefits? What if one of us starts to feel emotionally involved?
  • If we agree to “don’t ask, don’t tell,” how do we check in with each other about whether this is working? 
  • What’s our plan if one of us decides we want to change our agreement?
  • Can we talk to a sex therapist before diving into this, in case there are issues we’re not considering?

You’re contemplating a tremendous change, and I hope that whatever you decide, it brings you happiness.

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6 responses to “Ask Joan: Frustrated Sex Goddess

  1. I just feel very frustrated that I have a sex less marriage but have a wife of 51 years that is not healthy and just doesn’t want anything to do with sex and I think about it all the time and here is a woman that wants sex and husband doesn’t. Just wish there was a way I could help a lonely woman and she would help me but I guess that’s not going to happen. Love my wife but tired of masterbating and need a woman’s pleasure. Have you any suggestions for a 75 year old man that still loves to satisfy a woman with which I love oral is what I love to do and use a little blue pill to have intercourse with. Thanks Joan

  2. If he is unable to communicate about sexuality with his life partner… how is that partnership going to survive navigating the complex emotional territory of an open relationship? Secrets take energy and maintaining trust takes skill, and while it could be that having privacy in some areas in the marriage could be part of a healthy emotional dialogue, simply creating secret zones will not solve or heal the problem of lack of clear honest dialogue about our emotional reality.

  3. Joan,
    What great advice to a complex and common question. As a 65 year old tantra educator, I hear this frequently, and also the insecurity
    that men have when their erections no longer work. I just had that conversation with an older gentleman the other day and shared some of the wonderful practices from tantra that assist with older sex.

    Thanks for sharing such wisdom.

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