Ask Joan: Do online dating men only want sex?

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A reader asks:

I am 62, a widow for two years. I recently signed up on OkCupid, a dating site. After a month, I quit. I do not like men asking me sexual questions on a first phone call as if I am being interviewed for a role in a porn movie.

There is nothing sexual in my profile. I specified that I was looking for a relationship that would last several years, not casual sex. My photos showed me in modest clothing. And yet almost every man who contacted me talked about sex! Can you imagine a man in his 70s telling a stranger that she was “good enough for five or six romps in the hay”? Or asking me how I felt about “golden showers”? 

I never went on a single date in the month I used the site. A couple of men were gentlemen, but we didn’t click. The rest were creeps. In total, I talked with about a dozen men. Once on the phone, they did not want to talk about much except sex. Come on, buy the lady a cup of coffee.

Yes, I am interested in a sexual relationship eventually. If we had a date and we clicked, my guess is that six or so dates later, sex would happen. My husband would have told you that I was the most willing and enthusiastic lover he ever had. I just don’t like being treated like a hooker or a one-night-stand. I’m worth more than that. In the age of Viagra and cheap porn, are men reverting to behaving like teenagers?

Where are the men with character? I talked with a male friend and his response saddened and enlightened me. He said that my appearance makes me f**k-able but my age makes me undateable. I learn something all the time. I know if this is happening to me, it is happening to other women. I am looking forward to your insights.

Fed Up

Joan replies: 

I understand why you’re fed up after these blatantly sexual approaches. But don’t give up on dating sites. You picked a good one that many seniors (and younger folks) use and endorse. One month is a very short testing time. There are plenty of good men there. Next time, I recommend a few email exchanges before your first phone call to weed out the creeps and see if there’s potential for more.

Your dissatisfaction is based on some crass guys who probably respond to every profile they read, hoping for the best. Did you read through various men’s profiles and contact some of the interesting ones directly, or just wait for men to choose you? It’s a modern world, and to use the dating sites effectively, we need to approach people whose profiles we find appealing, not wait for them to find us. 

Dating sites can be intimidating, especially if we’re not used to “marketing” ourselves. It’s a challenge to present ourselves effectively. Some tips for attracting the right matches:

  • Write your profile carefully, making it stand out as unique and appealing. 
  • What qualities do you have that make you a good match? Omit anything that makes you sound like everyone else or that a potential date wouldn’t care about in the least.  
  • Figure out the qualities of the person you seek. Describe the kind of person you’re looking for in your profile. 
  • Don’t try to be general and attract everyone. You don’t want everyone. Imagine that you’re trying to attract the attention of your perfect match — what would you want this person to know about you? Put that in the first paragraph. 
  • Have a friend who knows you well give you an honest critique on your profile and help with wording.
  • It would be really beneficial for you to watch my webinar, “How the Heck do I Date at This Age?” which includes tons of advice on how to write a profile that will get the kinds of responses you want, first dates, and more.

Thank you for pointing out that we can be interested in a sexual relationship if it evolves over a series of dates, while being offended if we’re treated like a slab of meat in the first conversation. It might not surprise you that one of the most frequent questions I get from single guys is how to find someone for sex. Some are as tactless as the phone calls you describe. Others are well-meaning, respectful men who aren’t ready for an ongoing relationship — maybe they’re recently widowed or in the aftermath of a bad break-up. But they want to connect sexually and don’t know how to approach women to explore that. Hint: don’t tell her how many romps in the hay she’s good for and save your “golden showers” question until you get to know each other. 

As for your male friend who said that you’re “f**k-able” but not “datable” at your age — he’s just plain wrong. Please don’t take that destructive message to heart. Many of us find dates, matches, and more at your age, at my age (75), and older. You will, too.  

Readers:  If you’ve tried online dating, what are your tips for finding good matches? Let us know in the comments!

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Readers:  If you’ve tried online dating, what are your tips for finding good matches? Let us know in the comments!


  • Martin

    My comment. I don’t need sites. I go with a LADY and I’m just happy with her friendship. We met through another friend and we’ve gone together almost 3 years.

    Physical doesn’t enter the picture.

  • Joyce

    Over a four year period after the second marriage ended I opted for answering great descriptions of men wanting women in the newspaper.
    After four years of miserable experiences I quit that route. Though each prospect took me out to lunch, (I was pretty, dressed well),
    the male never once commented on my person, my looks, my anything! Talked all about themselves. One wanted sex with me 3x before taking me on a cruise for a month. Scratched that. Wanted to see if we were compatible, in 3 tries? Others were just not right. One I went for another date at night. When I asked to bring me to my car after dinner, he drove in opposite direction. He wanted me at his home for a drink. I had told him I needed time and other meetings to determine something serious. He called again. Could we take a walk in a park? Fine. Sat down to enjoy the view. Next thing I knew his tongue was in my ear!! That ended that! Sadly, all said wives died of cancer. Perhaps they just never decided to grow themselves and leave their selfish, self-centered men?

    Other dates sex was to be the end result after dinner. When I said I liked him, wanted to get to know him, wanted a little time before being intimate well, never heard from those 5 again. Gave up. Several years later tried online. Each time man apologized…looking for someone 30 years younger,,slim, etc. I described myself as intelligent, honest, very attractive, avid reader, great conversationalist, loved nature, a good listener. No, they want youth and sex. pretty sad.

    Gave up. Its been many years. No opportunities. Am told to color my hair. Fine, would he like to pay for it and constant upkeep?
    Figured since I believe in Destiny, if its meant to be I have warmth, friendship, communication with a man at my age then it will occur.
    Meanwhile, I don’t hold my breath.

  • sehj

    I find her male friend’s ideas a bit outdated and maybe a bit unaware of what is going on out there. There are men out there who still will give women of a mature age some attention but she might need to widen her pool of men. Younger men or men who wouldn’t normally be her type or whatever it takes to widen her pool. At 62 a younger man would most likely be a man in his 50s. Men want women who are still interested in sex too. It a plus.

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