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Tuesday, April 13

Senior Planet Book Club: The Vanishing Half

We read chapters 6-12 this week. Let’s discuss!

Monday, April 12

Five Tax Tips for Retirees

You have until May 17 this year to file – plenty of time to use these tax tips for retirees.

Sunday, April 11

Open Thread: Hooray for Hollywood!

The Academy Awards are coming, with a lot of historic firsts. Which film will get “Best Picture”? Take our poll!

Friday, April 9

Open Thread Update: What a Dilemma!

This week’s Open Thread continues a discussion on a very tricky problem in the bedroom.

Thursday, April 8

A First-Time Movie Producer – at 98

Larry Jaffe never imagined he might one day become a Hollywood film producer – at 98. 

Tuesday, April 6

Senior Planet Book Club: The Vanishing Half

We read chapters 1-5 this week. Let’s discuss!

Monday, April 5

Amp Your Internet!

Live in a “digital desert?” Here are some tips to amp your internet connectivity.

Thursday, April 1

Avoid an Unnatural Disaster: Utility Scams

Here are the newest scams preying on seniors after a natural disaster.

Tuesday, March 30

Senior Planet Book Club: The Vanishing Half

The votes are in!

Monday, March 29

Happy Tweetday – Join the Party!

Even Big Ben has a Twitter feed – how about you?

Friday, March 26

Open Thread Update: Opening Up? Or Still Closed?

Readers weigh in with what they’ve been up to, during the lockdown and now as things open up. How about you? What was the first thing you did? Let us know in the comments!

Thursday, March 25

Alcohol Use: One Woman’s Story

Late-in-life problem drinkers are a mostly hidden story. Read about one woman’s story of discovery and recovery.

Tuesday, March 23

Senior Planet Book Club: Vote For Our Next Book!

Which book should we read next?

Monday, March 22

Keep Sharp – and Social – with Trivia

Keep your brain sharp and engage with friends with online trivia challenges.

Thursday, March 18

Avoid Statins and Other Meds with These Lifestyle Changes

Clean up your act and avoid meds for cholesterol, blood sugar, and bone density.