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Monday, January 25

Senior Planet Book Club: A Long Petal of the Sea

We read chapters 6-10 this week. Let’s discuss!

Monday, January 25

Get Creative – and Social!

Get creative and meet new people online. Here’s how!

Thursday, January 21

Have a Healthier New Year

Start the New Year off right with these top five health and wellness tips.

Tuesday, January 19

Senior Planet Book Club: A Long Petal of the Sea

We read chapters 1-5 this week. Let’s discuss!

Monday, January 18

Martin Luther King, Jr: Quotes Beyond the Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a fierce critic of government policy and citizen apathy, and a powerful and inspiring speaker. Read this collection of his works and hear his passionate call for justice.

Sunday, January 17

Open Thread: Your Hopes and Predictions for 2021

What are your predictions for 2021?

Friday, January 15

Open Thread Final Update: That Was the Year That Was….

Finally we close out the books on the dumpster fire that was 2020. Read some parting shots.

Thursday, January 14

Ask Joan: Conflicted Widower

A recent widower needs advice on when and how to seek a new love.

Monday, January 11

Senior Planet Book Club: A Long Petal of the Sea

The votes are in!

Monday, January 11

Get Your Finances in Order in 2021

Are your finances on the right track for 2021? Get answers here!

Friday, January 8

COVID Vaccine: When’s My Turn?

Will we have to wait any longer for this long-awaited COVID vaccine? Get the latest info here!!

Thursday, January 7

Aging with Attitude 2020!

A year’s worth of advice on “aging with attitude” from all our interviewees in 2020. Tommy Chong will move you and Dollie Nixson will inspire you.

Monday, January 4

Senior Planet Book Club: Vote For Our Next Book!

Which book should we read next?

Monday, January 4

Get on Top of Your Tech in 2021

Resolve to Get on top of your tech in 2021 with these quick fixes.

Friday, January 1

Salute the End of 2020 and Name those Fireworks!

Celebrate the end of 2020 with our virtual fireworks!