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Open Thread Update: Romantic Lessons

Last time we opened the floor to comments about romance, good and bad…from the newlyweds…

…My sweetheart. He often brings me little gifts, kisses me hello and goodbye, and more.


The rest of her story is just lovely – make sure you read it.

…To the memories of a lovely love….

My person was not a Valentine’s Day kind of guy. He was an EVERY day kind of man…

Yvonne F.

…and to a not so lovely story in the comments from HallPass: a breakup in public, on Valentine’s Day!! 

Reader Jim D. offers these wise words he shared with “someone very special:”

lovers may come and go, but best friends stay forever.

-Jim D 

We”ll keep the comments open so you can share your thoughts, memories and comments.

Original text below.

Valentine’s Day is like final exams for many relationships, and it’s often Pass/Fail.  In the course of my romantic life, I’ve experienced some failing grades:

…The guy who ignored Valentine’s Day because it was “a made-up holiday.” All it meant was that he was lazy and selfish. Dude, they’re all made up holidays! This guy never led by example; he never told me he didn’t want anything for birthdays and Christmas.  He had the nerve to get all pouty when I said they were all made up holidays and so I didn’t get him anything.

…the guy who thought a relationship is a perpetual motion machine. He thought once it started it would keep going all by itself. Um, no. It takes effort…by both parties.

And I’m not blameless here, either.  I learned, the hard way, never to cook a romantic dinner naked. Trust me on this one.

But that’s me – how about you?  What are your lessons and wisdom about romance?  Who got a ‘Fail’? Who got a pass? Let us know in the comments!


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7 responses to “Open Thread Update: Romantic Lessons

  1. and then…
    it is a little past noon March 3rd, 2023
    For my very special friend, Annie, wayy up there in Michigan,
    I want to say to you, and to the world,
    I have come to realize I do not NEED you in my life in order to exist,,,

    However, I also have come to realize i do so very much WANT you in my life
    in order to live, to breathe, to know you are there… a very special friend, indeed..

  2. so it’s now March 3rd,
    ok folks, is it just me or are there only 5 of us who cared to share ??
    seems a little off balance if you ask me ..
    any thoughts from anyone one out there ??

  3. Our fourth Valentine’s Day and first year married.
    I’m thinking that we’ve now settled into being a couple, and I haven’t written him a card. No card from him either. Sigh.
    In the late afternoon, he hands me the card he has decorated with romantic artwork hearts characters. Symbols of us.
    We go out to dinner? he says.
    My sweetheart.
    He often brings me little gifts, kisses me hello and goodbye, and more. Nice to make Valentine’s Day special too. Next year I will gift him first. :-)

  4. Valentine’s Day breakup. Significant other across from me: “I’ve known we aren’t right BLAHBLAH.” Me: “We’re breaking up? People are everywhere!” I hear, “Stop crying.” I’d no idea breakups happened in public! But, through decades, many Valentine’s Days… someone listens, calls, writes, sends a card, a text, an email. Some bumps in the road happen, but it’s very cool people are everywhere…

  5. My person was not a Valentine’s Day kind of guy. He was an EVERY day kind of man. After 35 years, he’d still say he only needed to be wherever I happened to be. Always stood tall and committed. My rough neck ride or die … with a heart of gold. I love him..I miss him.
    To heck with Valentine’s DAY! ❣️

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