Older Men: Where Are the Style Role Models?

It’s Fashion Week in New York City- (9/7-12) and there’s at least one writer who thinks men should pay attention.

Several years ago, Style writer Simon Doonan had a provocative piece in Slate, “Should Old People Wear Sassy Underwear?” Headline aside, underwear wasn’t Doonan’s focus.

Now that older people no longer get the respect that age once conferred, why dress the part?

As a man approaching 60, he was meditating on how he should respond, style-wise, to his new “oldster” status. His point: Now that older people no longer get the respect that age once conferred, why dress the part?

Since nobody is going to give you any props for “growing old gracefully”—let’s face facts, nobody is going to give you props anymore for anything!—you might as well let rip and crank up the volume on your leopard-print mankini.

Fashion Role Model Disparity

Problem is, while women don’t have to look far for role models of older women with sensational style, male role models are hard to find. Doonan mentions only one: Nudie Cohn, a Ukraine-born tailor who never stopped superstyling himself as a rhinestone cowboy.

Cohn’s webpage is a who’s who of celebrities; his Wikipedia page is a Who’s Who of celebrity clients from Hank Williams, Roy Rogers, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, to John Lennon, Elton John, Cher, Gram Parsons and, most famously, Elvis Presley. Here’s a video interview with his granddaughter.

So who are the style icons for older men? Here are a few, from stylish to outrageous.

Günther Krabbenhöft

This 70+ grandpa and former Berlin chef has been winning raves for his style after being discovered by a photographer. Gunther says “I find that I dress pretty normal. I’ve always dressed like this. When I went to work when I go to exercise. I want to look at myself with joy. It’s also always a reflection of my inner self.” Take a look at more style ideas from his PR firm at his page here.  

Photo: Henry Balaszescul and Marta PR – Artist Management

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is a renaissance man and then some.  His webpage cites his music, his apparel line and an incredible body of work in interior design.  He explains the backstory to one of his standout style points in a late night chat show.

Keith Richards

Richards is a music icon, an author, an actor, and a collector (some 3,000 guitars and an extensive library)…and an independent style icon that inspired Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow character…which landed him a role as Jack Sparrow’s dad.)

More Senior Men’s Fashion Icons

Need more? Check out this Pinterest page on Five Senior Instagram Fashion Icons You Need to follow. And for even more eye candy and fashion ideas, check out this Pinterest page.


Who are we missing? Let us know in the comments!


Photo (top):  Pasqualino Capobianco on Unsplash


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