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Open Thread Update: Celebrity Quotes on Aging…and Yours!

This week’s comments prove that celebrities have noting on Senior Planeteers when it comes to pithy or funny quotes about aging!

Reader Donald starts us off with a funny observation…

I know that I am getting old because everyone keeps calling me, “Young Man!!!”


And Reader Kay shares a very common advantage getting older gives us…

As I age I’m more comfortable saying what is on my mind….


…read the rest of her insightful comments for more.

Meanwhile Reader Joann gives us all a call to arms….

The world needs our wisdom and experience – this is no time to surrender to “old age”.

-Joanne O. M. 

..and Reader Lillian brings us down to earth…

And…don’t bitch about aging, just consider the alternative.


Reader Ava shares a wise observation from an esteemed doctor, and please check out the amazing backstory from Reader Ann R. who went to high school with one of our celebrities and shared her milk and cookies…and certainly is living her life to the fullest. 


Scan through the wit and wisdom offered by Jan R., HJT Kyle, Aylea B. and others….and don’t be shy – share your own!


Now that I have ongoing back trouble, all my friends have been quoting Bette Davis’ famous (if politically incorrect) quote “Old age ain’t no place of sissies.” After hearing it for the millionth time, I’m looking for some new material.

Senior Planet to the rescue. Here are some thoughts about aging – with attitude – from just some of the celebrities we’ve interviewed. (To read the full interview, just click on the names.)

Feel free to add your own quotes about aging in the comments!

Zandra Rhodes

“I don’t think about my age and when people ask me I don’t lie. It comes on you so gradually. I don’t feel any older and I have lots of young friends. I go out and don’t realize that all the people with me are far younger. I employ a lot of young people and I take their advice on designs.”

Zandra Rhodes photo credit Simon Emmett

Diane Keaton 

I think there is nothing but attitude in life. Does that ever go away? I think we already have our attitude by time we are older and hopefully we continue to hang on to it.

Carol Kane

I don’t know if I have any secret. You get up, you get dressed and you show up!

PHOTO CREDIT: Terrence Hayes; courtesy of Giant Pictures; Copyright; H9 Films 2019

Talia Shire

“Growing older is wonderful, freeing and an opportunity to share your wisdom with your family and society.”

Lou Gosset, Jr.

I seek out the young folk and have a lot of stories to share with them. I try to tap into how we did it in the old days where people took care of one another. There’s no time for enmity or war, if we do that. It creates an energy which keeps us on the planet.

Photo: Louis Gossett Jr. as Luis in The Cuban, Courtesy of Brainstorm Media

Franco Nero

I’ve been working 55 years with a village of orphans in Rome. Working with these young people at the mission keeps me young and full of life and gives me purpose. It feels good to give back to youth.

Photo credit courtesy of Brainstorm Media for Recon.

Nick Nolte

More than ever, you’ve got to really pay attention to your habits and your health as you age.


The celebrities have had their say….how about you?  What do you say about aging? Let us know in the comments!

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12 responses to “Open Thread Update: Celebrity Quotes on Aging…and Yours!

  1. As I age I’m more comfortable saying what is on my mind. Sometimes it leads to interesting conversations. Sometimes I look around at young adults I’m speaking with and notice they are actually paying attention to what I’m saying. It makes me realize I need to be careful what and how I share thoughts. It also makes me appreciate how much I, each of us, learn through living. It is a special kind of wisdom.

  2. Loved reading Louis Gosset’s words, my old buddy at Lincoln High in Brooklyn. He might remember having milk and cookies after school in our little apartment! My mom was a dynamo and I’m aging in the same wacky way. I’m more outrageous, irreverent, even telling off-color jokes to my 20 year old grandkids! My husband and I just celebrated our 66th anniversary with love and joy. We live in a wonderful community with a pool and clubhouse. Our friends span all ages and are from many backgrounds.

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