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According to one of her Facebook friends, Donnalou Stevens once sewed her lip in high school drama class. Seems like she still has that reckless spirit. Together with her band, the singer and artist has made the wackiest anthem an older lady could want — a rollicking country screw-you to every man who’s picked a younger model over a saggy one; a hilariously energizing self-love anthem for the chronically overlooked and happily non-liposuctioned.

Chicken neck? Cluck, cluck!

You can follow Donnalou’s band page on Facebook by clicking here and read more about the making of “Older Ladies” — a true community event — here.



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  1. Donnalou I love this video! It sums it up us older ladies so well. My husband of 45 years tell me two things. He loves every inch of me even at my age of 66. The other thing he says is: why go out for hamburger when there’s steak at home. :-) He says he could never understand why an old guy would want a young girl. He says he’s afraid he’d get saddled with Kim Kardashian. LOL! Keep up the great work!

      1. I saw the video on you tube. I’ll look for the written lyrics. I want to use it in an autumn equinox program on saving & aging.

  2. Donnalou. About your videos appearance on the Today Show; I announced it on my Facebook pages and the Graying and Giggling in the Age of Googling group.
    We saw it and it was integrated beautifully in an homage to Hoda on her fiftyith birthday. All calls and comments to me about you were fabulous. I want o buy a DVD and wth your permission, show it at my speaking engagements. Is that okay?
    Jan Marshall author “Dancin Schmancin wit the Scars.
    :Finding the Humor No Matter What!”

  3. Donnalou, This video is WONDERFUL! I’m 61, a local singer, and it would be an honor if you’d allow me to sing this at my programs; I play and sing mostly at nursing homes, senior centers and places where we “mature” people are! Thank you for writing and showing this to the world! As an older (and single) lady, I think this is terrific, and I can’t for more from you! You go, girl! I love it! :)

    1. You know, I am 63 yrs old. Ive had dentures since I was 11, been widowed twice, and had one of my children pass over. Age is relative. I know 80 yr olds who have not experienced what I have, so I dont think it is even a point.

  4. I think one of the problems in our world today is that we are so innundated with all those chirpy, child-like voices and appearances of the females we see on TV — it’s time our eyes and ears get accustomed to the other half of society — and I’m talking about the mature, mellowed and really strong WOMEN! We had many of these women back in the 1940’s, on the “silver screen,” each one an INDIVIDUAL, not a carbon copy, all with the same dribbly hairstyles we see today! These women in the video have become self-accepting and proud — therefore enviable!

  5. At 71 I am an “older person” so just want to point out that some of us know that when your “sense of humor is gone” you have lost one of the most important components of life and “aging gracefully.” I have to say, this was an uplifting, hilarious and charming way for many older folks to chuckle at the inevitable. Actually, I did not feel it portrayed us as “stupid” at all, but rather more joyous and grateful for life and what it offers. Sorry for the rest of you who missed that.

  6. Really stupid video! As an older person, I did not find this video to be supportive of older people. It just showed everybody how ugly people get when they age – nothing to be proud of. Your video also promotes the fact that elderly people are really stupid.

    1. Thank you for being honest with your comment. I am sorry you could not feel the love & beauty that went into this creation. Everyone involved had an amazing time and most people who watch it are uplifted and inspired. I wish it had affected you in a positive way.

      That is my total intention, to inspire. I wish I could reach everyone, but I can’t. Some do not have the eyes to see the intention. I see everyone as beautiful, no matter what their bodies look like.

      I wish I lived in a world where all people loved themselves and each other.

      1. amen!! all of them divine!!! thank you again for this fabulous video!!! if one cannot see the magnificence in one’s self no matter what age they are, they cannot see it in others.

        you made my day!

      2. It has been my experience that unhappy people seem to resent the uplifting, fun that others have when addressing the pitfalls of life and do most anything to drag others down into their quagmire rather than try to find a way out…..Loved this take on aging and my group of Diva’s ( yes we wear tiara’s) from high school love to uplift each other. And we are in our 60’s…Thank you for the laughter and good feelings!

  7. Loved it and you go with yourself!!!! We need more songs that are positive like that instead of feeling bad about ourselves!!!!!!! We need to enjoy life in every shape, size and color!!! Your video made me smile thank you for that!!!!!!

    Great job DonnaLou!!!!

  8. Just so you know; I’ve done my own scientific study and it turns out that having cellulite indicates great sensuality and flab, a sign of extraordinary intelligence. Spread (excuse the expression) the word…Jan Kellerman Marshall

  9. Hi everyone, there are a lot of ways to stay connected with me & my music. You can like my FB music page at Donnalou Stevens, you can join my mailing list on my website of the same name or follow me at the same name on twitter!

    I have just written another song about aging. It is even funnier! Can’t wait.

    Remember to support my kickstarter if you’d like to be a part of creating the next couple of videos with me. Each backer gets some cool rewards and if I get over funded, I can make the next two! or just look up If I Were Enlightened on the Kickstarter website.

    To see the story of why I am asking for help at this stage, read this article.

    Love & laughter to all…

  10. Wonderfully refreshing..honest and just plain cute…we are in a society that has forgotten all about cute…and genuinely clever..I say, Donnalou, Rock on…for all of us..crazy cute.Thanks! Happy Summer.

  11. Donnalou, the more I play it the more I love it. I have it on all my social networking pages. I was thinking that when my next humor book STRETCH MARKS: AGELESS WISDOM FOR SEXY OLD BROADS is published in 2015 or sooner PERHAPS we can partner in some manner with your song being my theme song at speeches and book signings. Win win for all.
    You are already a member of my “Graying and Giggling in the Age of Googling” on Facebook. Here’s my website to find out more about my Radio and TV background, books, newspaper columns, etc to see if this would interest you in the future. Best to you. Jan

      1. I am getting so many wonderful responses and people saving it to replay again. Congratulations. Now its just time to let the momentum build.

    1. Ha ha ha, Linda.
      I have on clothes!!!

      I have a funny idea for a song called the ‘Downward dog test.

      Before dating anyone at our age, they must lie on the floor and we do the downward dog pose atop them.

      In my opinion, this is the most unflattering position an aging body can get itself into.

      If you still get the thumbs up after the pose, keep him.


    1. Yes Donna is in great shape, but she has maybe two of the things she mentions, however she has a whole crew that she is speaking for in the video and universally.. She is beautiful in person.

  12. Okay, Donnalou. I posted your video on my Twitter, my newsfeed and authorjanmarshall FaceBook page. I couldn’t place it on the Graying and Giggling in the Age Googling FB site however. Perhaps you can.
    FYI. I went to your website and none of the links were live including your Kickstarter request. Perhaps you’d like to let your webmaster or mistress know.
    Best Wishes, Jan Marshall

    1. Hi Jan,
      Hmmm, I went to my site and I had no problem with the links. I will double check though, thank you.

      I am happy to post on your other pages as well.

      I just joined. You have to accept me in order for me to post.

      Here is the KS link. I so appreciate the support to get the word out. It feels so weird asking for myself!

      The story of why I have to is here:


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