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Alexa, what shall we have for dinner?

Who, or what, is Alexa? Alexa is Amazon’s voice service. She comes into your home via one of the Amazon Echo products. She can play music and audiobooks, control other smart devices in your home such as the light switches and thermostat, get information, news, weather, and more… using just your voice!

During the month of June, staff from Soundmind came to the Senior Planet Exploration Center in Chelsea, for provide Senior Planet members with a five-part workshop series showcasing how Alexa can help people in their homes as their virtual assistants. Soundmind developed Memory Lane, an app to help people interact with Alexa. It is a free and can be downloaded to personal devices.

Senior Planet Launches Tech of the Month Series in July

Off the back of these successful workshops, Senior Planet is pleased to now be launching its “tech of the month” series at the Chelsea Exploration Center, starting with Alexa in July.

Interested in learning more about how Alexa can help you in your home? Stop by the Exploration Center anytime during the month of July and try her out! We’ll have a number of in-home smart devices that you can control through Alexa. And, course, you can quiz her about the news, request your favorite music… or just have a chat with her!

Alexa is smart and getting smarter every day. Watch the below video to learn more about how she can help you in your home:


2 responses to “Alexa, what shall we have for dinner?

  1. yes i know you worry about alexa listening but u must remember BIG BROTHER IS EVERYWHERE. everytime you open up your email,app or social media web site you are giving up your privacyrights
    only people who may be save are those who dont own cell phones or have email MAYBE lol!!
    so enjoy and the good lord will keep you safe

  2. I believe we need to be very careful with items like alexa. It is listening to all the sounds in the house. Possible recording also. Privacy should be of utmost concern fr seniors

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