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Aging with Attitude: 2019

Learning the different ways, approaches and thoughts about “aging with attitude” from our interviewees is a gift that keeps on giving with each new profile. Here’s a quick summary of wise words and advice about ‘Aging with Attitude” from Senior Planet members and other featured profile subjects over the past year.

Author Barbara Taylor Bradford told Senior Planet she has no plans to slow down. “I married a successful man. I didn’t have to work but I wanted to. I was a journalist and then a novelist. I don’t know what I would do every morning if I had no purpose in life,” she says. “I don’t feel 85, I feel 45.”  

Superstar Diane Keaton told Senior Planet,  “I think there is nothing but attitude in life. Does that ever go away? I think we already have our attitude by time we are older and hopefully we continue to hang on to it.”  Actress and New York Native Carol Kane told us,  “I don’t know if I have any secret. You get up, you get dressed and you show up!”

Senior Planet member Zoe Kennedy told us, “Aging with attitude means you still feel young inside of you. You still have it. As long as you can still do it for yourself, bless you. Keep moving. Be on top of all your medical issues, and look good no matter what….and condition your hair as much as possible!”

“As long as I can do something good for someone else, I feel that I may be aged, but never old,” Senior Planet member and Holocaust survivor Hadassa Carlebach said.

And Suzelle Poole, a professional ballerina at 78, says, “I love doing ballet and one of the main positions is called an attitude. You hold your leg bent with the knee up. So I really am aging with attitude!”

Director Greta Schiller said “It means maintaining  my sense of humor and my joie de vivre, being who I am,  keeping open to new ideas and what life brings me. But I don’t mind if people offer to lift things for me. I’m a senior and proud of  it.”

Frederick Weston, Senior Planet member and self-described “fash-ist” says “aging with attitude is all about my mindset. It’s about being positive as opposed to having a negative mindset. I see it as looking forward to a brighter day.  I don’t have to be negative about yesterday. I can write whatever narrative I want.”

Terry Moore, an Oscar-nominee for her role in Come Back, Little Sheba 66 years ago, and featured by Senior Planet for her role in the upcoming film, Silent Life, told Senior Planet her secret is clean living. “I exercise every day and do a twice-weekly boot camp and yoga. I also do half an hour daily on a track bike in my living room. You can stay young forever if you exercise and eat right.”

For author Michael Greenblatt, who published his first book at 68 about his experiences at Woodstock, age is really just a number: “I may be 68 but my wife says I’m still 18. I’m the same rebellious pot smoking hippie that I was back then.”

Senior Planet member and line dance teacher Deborah Gouge told Senior Planet “Get out and do things that you have always wanted to do. Learn new things . Don’t worry about what others think. Enjoy yourself!” Fellow Senior Planet member and instructor Dean LeClaire added, “It means it time to get up and DANCE !!! Come join us for great fun, and show us your attitude on the dance floor !!!”


What does ‘aging with attitude” mean to you? Let us know in the comments!


Photo:  Senior Planet member Frederick Weston; photo by Caitlin O’Toole


4 responses to “Aging with Attitude: 2019

  1. Getting Older

    There are two sides to getting older
    One where you have gained wisdom that makes you bolder
    Then there’s the side of your body starting to fail
    Feeling aches, pains and things that make you ail

    There’s the respect you get as you age
    And the joy you feel each time you turn a page,
    of your life that causes you to reflect on where you’ve been
    And how you want to spend the rest of your life before it ends.

    Sometimes our bodies start to disintegrate
    And often they just won’t cooperate
    At some point our pace gets slower and maybe our memory dims
    There’s often pain in the joints and in the limbs.

    If you live long enough, there’s one thing for sure.
    We all will get older and age more and more
    So we focus on the blessing of getting old
    where we all have a story that can to be told!

    There is nothing in life like growing older
    And life experiences make our elders bolder
    We are grateful that the Lord brought each senior through each and every stage
    Infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and middle age.!
    Rolanda Pyle (c)
    Written for Seniors for Older Americans Month (2019)

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